Why Don't Men Understand???

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  1. Ok, so...let's say I'm a beginner at this purse collecting thing...I'm only 18 and it's just me and my dad...so I have no women in my life to follow...a simple dooney started it all...and now I can't stop...and then I met my fiance...and he gets like irritated by my obession for purses...is it so wrong that we like handbags? I mean I just don't understand why some men just don't get it...I mean he buys them for me anyways lol...but he even goes so far as to suggest fake!!!! I mean come on how insulting...hhaha example...my fiance went to egypt last winter and I told him to get me a LV ( i was kinda playing, wishing he would, but then again thinking he would know nuthin about it)...my mistake not telling him to buy it in the paris "official" store...so he came back w/ a god awful fake white one...he searched ALL over Egypt for it...I saw it I cried because it was so fake lol...but I told him it was tears of joy...of course I never wear it...EVER...and I finally mustered the courage to tell him how I felt and why i don't wear it...he feels bad and I feel bad for making him feel that way...I mean I'm not shallow and superficial, I just think sometimes I deserve the real stuff...is that so wrong??? does anyone else have this problem...i feel sorry for him though...i wish i could go into his body for one day and hear myself...i guess I can't blame him...
  2. lol Aw poor thing! Nope, nothing wrong with our liking of handbags at all, lol. Well, I guess some men understand and some dont, but his effort was really sweet. He may be irritated by the fact, but at least in the end he'll still buy you some to see you happy. I think a lot of the SO's of the ladies on the board are irritated by our purse obsessions, but they still deal, lol. Now thats love, lol! Its okay, I dont think my mom even knows theres such a thing as a fake purse and shes not even a guy!

    People have their reasons for not wanting fakes and I dont think youre superficial for wanting the real deal. We like what we like, and we're all here for one same reason anyways - loving handbags :heart:3
  3. gosh....i just love this place...i finally found a place where i belong...where i'm understood...i feel so blessed...thank you guys
  4. Noooo problem! Hope to see you around the boards more often :heart:
  5. My hubby really dosent understand the whole purse idea, but hes a sweetie and just goes along with it cause he sees how happy it makes me.
  6. I think my bf just accepts the fact that I will love purses... But feel the same way? I don't think so. I think its just that people obsess about different things