Why don't I love the city??

  1. I bought a natural part time yesterday and the style is my dream bag..feet on the bottom, wide w/ an extra long strap that I can wear across my body if needed..I am soooooooooooo in love I can't stand it, now I want the anthracite and cobalt in it too:heart: :heart: I never really even noticed the part time until the other day while I was at Nordy's and saw the color *natural* on the part time and then realized I loved the style too, I never knew it had feet I thought only the work did..

    Anyhew..my point is that I know sooooooooooo many ladies love the city, I think it's the most popular bag on here for the most part and I have struggled so much w/ it. I have bought two and returned them..I just don't like it..WHY?? I love the first but it's too small and I think the city is too tall and narrow for me and that is why I LOVE the part time maybe..I don't know, maybe I am weird!! Anyone else feel this way??
  2. I don't care for city as well, the handles are too short to wear on my shoulder
  3. i really like the city a lot..i think it might be one of my favorite styles. but i have been wanting to try the part time just because of the longer straps. so glad that you have a style that you love!!! oh, and i love that the part time has feet on it too!!
  4. It seems to me that as a general rule, people either love the City or the Part-Time. There doesn't seem to be a lot of crossover. For me, the Part-Time looks odd on because it's so long. I have the same problem with the Twiggy whenever I try it. But at the same time, I see pictures of women wearing both these styles and they rock them!

    I wouldn't worry about not loving the City - I love it because I can fit a book in with all my other stuff (which I can't in the First) and because I'm little enough that I can wear it messenger style. I'm just glad you've found a style you love!
  5. oh really?because I personally think that city is big enough for me:p
    i like that and first..um..maybe because I'm small, im just 5'1 :sad:
  6. I do love my black city - but I haven't really used it at all since I got my new Work. I just find the city a tad too small for everyday use - although it is a great size for me ont he weekends:yes: The Work fits all the crap I carry every day:rolleyes:
  7. I have a City and PT and I like them both a lot, but I agree sagranch, I want to loooove the city like everyone else here does and sometimes I feel like it's lacking something, not sure what. Because it is black, I use my City a LOT lately, it is definitely slouchier than before and has softened up beautifully. But sometimes it looks like a square when carried with some stuff inside, I thought it would hang diffently. The PT, because of its width, slouches nicer I think. OK, I'm just rambling, sorry.
  8. IMO the city is more of a classic item, i guess that's why i can never really like part time....i guess i have to have one to appreciate it....so we'll see :smile:
  9. I'm not sure I really love the style of the city, but when I need to take more than a few items to the office, it does the job. The part-time is just too long for me.
  10. I tried my City again the other day, and immediately transferred all my stuff back to my Part Time, because:

    1. outer pocket is too small - my Treo phone bulges in an ugly way, and I MUST have my Treo in the outer pocket for accessibility!!

    2. inner pocket too small - for all the small loose items I like to keep in it.

    3. bag itself is too small for everything I want to carry (including a fairly large makeup bag, money wallet, sunglasses, and water bottle)

    4. shoulder strap too short

    I am resigned to the fact that I am a Part Time gal nowadays!! :yes:
  11. You are not rambling..I totally get what you are saying!! When I see the City on gals, I LOVE it but just not on me..I am about 5 9" and 125 pounds and for some reason it looks and feels weird on me..oh well, to each it's own
  12. i like the city, but i LOVE the weekenders :p
    i found the city too small and the inner pocket is very small. WE's outer and inner pocket are great!
  13. Seaaaaaaaa... you're doing it again!


    Thats going to be my next purchase... at the end of the year though :sad:

    ... maybe... if I can hold off that long
  14. Actually, city is the first b bag i got. I feel like it's a classic item to begin with. However, once i had my part time, i carry it a lot more often and keep my city in its box. I really feel tht PT is just right for me and i can wear it on my shoulder as well. After a while, i pick my city to use again, and it's just weird tht i feel my city is so tall and narrow. May be i get used to PT. Also, i like the work as it's longer and look more balance than the city. However, it can't be easily worn on the shoulder...Tht's why i love PT the most b/c of its size and function.
  15. sagranch, your sentiment is not uncommon here on tPF. I don't have a PT, but I do have a City and I love it. We don't all have to love every Bbag....right?! ;)