why don't I love my new bordeaux city?

  1. While on vacation in Hawaii last week, I visited Aloha Rag and got myself a city in bordeaux. I had the clerk bring out the whole stock and I hand chose this particular bag for it's super distressed leather and rich color. I was kind of on b-bag overload while at the store, but I was certain this was the color and style I wanted. This is my first city, and I thought I loved the style. Now I am not so sure.

    And now, after wearing her a few times, she just doesn't feel "right" to me. Maybe it's the color, or maybe the style. I think I want a camel or a greige. :::::sigh:::::

    I can't count on getting what I paid for it back on eBay, can I? I would hate to sell it for a loss at this point. I'm hoping it will grow on me!

    Has this ever happened to you?
  2. You think you could send it back to Aloha Rag for an exchange? You are spending big bucks on this City, and you should get something you truly are happy with. Good luck! :biggrin:

    I do know that they have an exchange policy when mail ordering through them, but a small fee may apply.
  3. Do you mean you got the grenat City? Bordeaux has been discontinued for a year now.

    If you don't like the color, you should get the color you want. For a $1K bag, you should really love your bag.
  4. Yes, this has happened to me. . . I ususally decide to sell the bag on eBay at a slight loss in order to purchase something that I love.
  5. yes. THat has happened with my minibowling. Unfortunately, if you can't return it..... your best bet would be eBay... and unless you're selling a vintage rare super sought after bbag.... you won't get much luck selling it for what you bought it for. you'd be lucky if you only lost $50. WHen I resell I always loose at least $100. Sucks, but hey that's how it goes.

  6. hmm, not sure. I thought the clerk said the color was bordeaux, but perhaps he was mistaken.

    Here's a picture of it. It looks more brown in the pic than it is in real life; I'd describe the color as wine or dark burgundy with no brown at all. What color is this?
  7. Can you return it since you've only had it for a week ??
  8. She can't return a used bag, no.
  9. yeppers, that's the new '06 grenat, which is very similiar to the '05 bordeax!!! :love:...it's one of my favorite colors, but if you're not in love yet, see if you can return her to "AR" (as long as she's still brand new & has the tags on)...if not, your best bet would be e-bay, since it's worth it to take a small loss to get a bag you really love :smile:
  10. I didn't know their return policy. I know Chanel has a 2 week (I believe it is) return policy.....
  11. Sorry that I cannot be of much help re: your original question or verifying the color- although my guess is that it's Grenat as Boudeaux is an 05 color (right, experts?)

    The bag is to die for. It's gorgeous! I so hope it grows on you.:love:

    I'm on the hunt for my first bbag and would LOVE a city grenat or bordeaux. I just lost out on a bordeaux city on ebay, and I'm sooooo crushed!
  12. thanks all, for your help and input!

    I can't return her, I am sure, because I've worn her. So that's not an option. I'll just hang on to her and see if she grows on me. Maybe she will... she is beautiful, and I had wanted that bag forever. I'll just give it some time.:heart:
  13. I thought Aloharag had a 14-day return policy?
  14. Yes but she's used the bag already, and they wouldn't be able to resell it:smile:
  15. wow, i would love that bag!!! too bad i'm waiting a few months before making my next purchase. ;)

    sorry, that's probably not helpful!