Why don't I get the best offer option on my auctions?

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  1. I can't figure out why I don't get an option to put up a best offer button on my auctions. I thought you might need to be a Power Seller but I see people who have sold fewer items than I have with them. What gives?
  2. I dont get it either...It's driven me crazy tring to find it. I sure hope someone has an answer 'cause I wanna know too!
  3. You don't have to be a PowerSeller but there is SOME requirement. I can't remember what it is right now, but if you go to eBay's Help and type in Best Offer, you will find the answer.
  4. When you are listing your auction, in the box with starting price there are two tabs. It automatically is set to the tab for traditional auction, but if you want a Best Offer, you have to click on the other tab which is for BIN.

    It's sort of tricky, but I think the option is available to everyone, regardless if they are a powerseller or not.
  5. From eBay:

    Best Offer is available for listings using the Fixed Price and Classified Ad formats, and in eBay Motors. Best Offer is not available for auction-style listings. Best Offer is not available in every category. If Best Offer is not shown as an option on the listing page, this means it is not available in the category you’ve chosen for your item.
    Seller requirements
    • To sell with and accept Best Offers on listings, you must have a Feedback Score of 10 or more (or be ID verified).
    • To create a Best Offer listing with a quantity of two or more items, you must have a Feedback Score of 30 or more, and be a registered user for at least 14 days (or be ID verified).