why dont guys wear make up

  1. can someone tell me why dont guys wear make up????
  2. Some guys wear make up, specially the metrosexual type... But i think generally speaking, guys aren't as vain as women. :graucho:

    Personally, i think guys look better without make up. I prefer guys who spend less time in front of a mirror than i do :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  3. I second that!
  4. I agree!!!!
  5. They do !!! At least the ones i come across, i work in the fashion industry.
  6. my boyfriend wears makeup on occasion. used to wear it a lot when i first met him. just foundation. the worst thing is he chooses the wrong color and it looks funny (too red/orange). he's too afraid to go to a real makeup counter.
  7. I wear make up x__x

    My cousins and friends get jealous when they see me pulling out a matching compact and lipgloss from Chanel, but they dont know that I use those only on occasion! hahaha I use MAC mostly.
  8. ... because they are not girls?
  9. plenty of guys wear make-up, go to the punk rock clubs! hee hee
  10. I actually like a bit of eyeliner on a man...think Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean! ;)
  11. Yeow baby!! JD looks so hot when he's so gay! :love::roflmfao:
  12. because they dont know how! hahah,,,,

  13. These are the reasons I was taught, for hetrosexual men not generally making so much of an effort with their appearance (including not wearing make-up):

    In the last two or three thousand years we have lived in a patriarchal society; which basically means that men think that they are more important/powerful than women :huh: and so, generally, don't think that they have to make as much effort to attract women, as women do to attract men. The basic attitude appears to have been that women should be grateful to get anything they are given!!! :lol:

    Also, men, historically, fight and die in more wars, so there has often been a shortage of men, compared to the number of women and due to supply and demand (isn't everything?! :lol: ), women have had to compete, to secure a man and of course have utilised any weapon at their disposal to make themselves appear more attractive.

    During this time, in periods when there has been a temporarily high number of men and/or a shortage of women, for whatever reason (usually due to extended times of peace, especially when combined with high rates of death in childbirth); men have been forced to complete, to attract a mate and have become 'peacocks' by wearing highly decorated clothes, to attract women. At the same time, the fashionable attire for the in-demand women has been for dowdy clothes, in muted colours, with little, or no, make-up.

    We are currently entering a period of change; due to relative equality in the workplace and (thankfully) a lack of World Wars, so the male population is on the up. Because women often have their own careers, men are beginning to become less important to female and child survival and consequently, they are beginning to feel that they must make an effort to secure a mate (hence the metrosexual).

  14. HeHeHe!!! :lol:

    Arrrrgh, pin 'em down and eyeliner 'em, me old matey!!! :lol: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. OK! And I wouldn't want one who did. Sorry but I like my men masculine w/rough hands and 5 'o' clock shadow......