Why doesn't the Timeless Clutch come with gold hardware??

  1. If it's part of the classic collection, how come the CC clasp doesn't come in gold? I really want a clutch but I wish it came with gold hardware!!! :cursing: grrrrrrrr!

    Oh well, I don't think the silver hardware will stop me from getting one though :nogood:
  2. i agree!!! i would love one with gold hardware!
  3. I know what you mean BUT I caved and bought it anyway. However, the CC on the
    top is so small and subtle, it doesn't really show or compete with anything you might be wearing, so even if you only wear gold jewelry, it's still do-able.
  4. yes ITA with Aimee, I dont think you can really tell about the hardware as it is such a tiny detail on this fab bag :smile:

    Imagine a crystal one tho, or diamond or ruby, oooh im getting carried away now :biggrin:
  5. ^ haha :p
  6. i often wonder too - it would be fab
  7. ohhhh, diamond cc would be soo gorgeous!!!
  8. Years ago, most bags only came with gold HW. Now it's silver that popular, so that's what we're seeing. I think the tides will turn soon, I hope so, I like gold HW.
  9. Personally I am a silver HW girl, but given the success of the bag (I have one) - I would expect it to be more glamorized as the seasons come .. would be nice in a ruby red too!!

  10. nods! :yes: