Why doesn't my wallet match any of the pictures?

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  1. I recently got myself the Cedar Street Ice Pop Lacey which I ordered by calling the Kate Spade store, apparently it was the last one in stock and someone had ordered it online and returned it. Now, I know that Kate Spade stores and the outlets there are differences in the products factored. However, it does not seem like my website matches ANY of the pictures I have found of the wallet.


    Here's the Kate Spade version and the print I thought I would be receiving.


    This was the version I've seen at Nordstrom, Lord & Taylor.



    However, this is what the Kate Spade store sent me which doesn't match either of the prints shown in the first two links. I have looked around and I didn't find any pictures that matched the print that I have. Can someone explain to me where this probably came/why the print is so different?
  2. I believe the Ice Pop line is one where each piece is unique because all the vinyl pieces are cut from one piece of printed fabric then made into the wallets and bags, so no one is like the other.
    looking in Google images, many different pattern of the same ice cream pictures appear for the Harmony Tote, Stacey Wallet, Lacey Wallet, and cosmetic case.

    Hope this helps :smile:
  3. This is sooooo cute!!!!