Why doesn't my speedy have this?

  1. Ok, so I purchased a mono speedy 30 from let-trade, and just got it in the mail today. It's fabulous, but there's one thing that I thought was strange about it. It doesn't have the "30" stamp on the underside of the leather LV leaf. Do they not all have that? I was thinking that maybe it's a new thing, as my date code indicates it was made in 2002...? Any thoughts?? Thanks!
  2. It should be there - probably very faded and hard to see...

    Can you post a nice clear pic?
  3. If possible, post pictures of your speedy, from what I know, ALL speedy's have their size number under the flap, including ALL 30's as well.
  4. It should have the number stamped on. I have just check my speedy and there is a number 25 stamped on. (Mine is 25")

    I just bought it before Christmas
  5. ^Me thinks the Mod asked you politely to post a pic of your Speedy in question so they may better assist you. TIA
  6. ^No mod posted in this thread
  7. i was wondering the same thing because i have a speedy 35 and it doesnt have it either. I bought it at Holt renfrew Louis Vuitton store in Calgary in April.
  8. most likely since its an older bag its VERY hard to see it...since it fades in time
  9. if its a used bag it just might be hard to see. if you look in bright light you should be able to faintly see it,
  10. Sorry, Selena!:shame:
  11. Yup, I just checked my Damier and it's there...I kind of bent the tag really badly, too. Ah well!
  12. sorry guys, but I can't post a pic...don't have the camera. I have looked under the light, and I can't seem to make out anything!
  13. Please post pics if you can. As the ladies said it can be hard to see.......
  14. I had a Graffiti speedy and it was REALLY faded. If the previous owner grabbed it by the leaf, it can wear down.
  15. it's probably just really really reallllllllly light.. it took me a while to find the "60" on my keepall and it was pretty much new!! lol. i was like, "where the heck is it? it's not on this one.. how bout that one (leaves) so i was flipping out.. lol. i found it eventually after i got some food and sanity back in my system. haha.