why doesnt lv take visa?

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  1. can someone please tell me why LV doesnt accept visa? the other day i went with my dad to buy my mom a mono Alma and we had to write a check because the SA said that lv doesnt accept visa. hmmmm..
  2. HUH??? really??
    I'd never be able to buy an LV then because I'm only willing to use my credit card for a purchase as large as that!
  3. They take Visa at our local boutique..

  4. Was this at Neiman Marcus? NM doesn't accept any credit card other than Amex or the NM card. The LV boutique in SF takes all cards.
  5. Hmm, I have never had a problem.
  6. hmm.. i've usually only used my Amex.. do I duno what to tell you..
  7. yup..it was Neiman Marcus.. i guess i'll just stick to writing a check
  8. Yeah, that's just a Neiman Marcus thing, not an LV policy......Funny though that the Neiman Marcus last call centers take all cards......
  9. I just don't get that, why would NM alienate a large segment of customers?
    All of the LV stores I've been in & the 866 # accept Visa.
  10. When my Dh bought me the Damier for my bday, we had first tried to buy it from the LV in Neiman's because the SA was so much nicer there. Unfortunately, they couldn't take his Visa check card. He was so annoyed--how can they accept checks, but not check cards? Such a bizarre, not to mention antiquated, policy!
  11. Yes the LV free standing store takes Visa.
  12. Good thing I have both....wonder why NM only takes Amex and NM card...snubbing visa?

  13. I paid with Visa today.
  14. Neimans doesn't take Visa. Louis Vuitton does. I always pay with my Visa debit card.
  15. NM has a corporate "partnership" with Amex. Hence, no Visa or MC. The only NM to accept Visa is the store in Vegas due to the large tourist customer base. NM doesn't accept debit cards, so you can't use your check card either.