Why doesn't LV shut counterfeiters down

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  1. #1 Jul 9, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 9, 2009
    If you were to type in "Louis Vuitton Replica" on Google you would come up with thousands of results with websites such as xxx that sell tons of replica handbags, even LE bags, pretty much anything that Louis Vuitton sells -they make, wallets, belts, anything. I do not understand why LV or any of the other Luxury names like Gucci or Hermes as Highreplica sells does not try to shut them down. They could get the domain shut down, sue the company, anything. We all know LVMH makes a good dollar why don't they dedicate a department simply to shutting down these counterfeiters. Fakes are so easy to obtain especially with thousands of websites that sell them. With so many people that have fakes it takes away from the exclusivity of Louis Vuitton. I'm sure people think mine are fake all the time.

    Sure we hear of lawsuits here and there about people using the print without permission or counterfeits in music videos( ie Britney Spears' music video a couple of years ago) but other than that I really don't hear much about anything active being done.

    Can anyone shed any light?
  2. Louis Vuitton probably has a subset within its intelltectual property group that specifically goes after counterfeiters, but it's pretty difficult - for the end retailer, it may be just one guy in a room, and a court order to that guy in a room may not mean a lot where legal systems are lax in enforcement of intellectual property rights. Lawyers are also expensive to keep on hand, even for large corporations. It's much more cost effective for Louis Vuitton to just go after high profile cases, have them spread the word rather try to spend all their time crushing individual website vendors that spring up like cockroaches. For instance, here's an excerpt that suggests that the end consumer is also becoming more savvy - http://www.harpersbazaar.com/magazine/feature-articles/the-fight-against-fakes-0109_

    Additionally, if you are to believe Dana Thomas' How Luxury Lost Its Luster, counterfeiters, while problemmatic, also assist the company in spreading the use of the name - it's almost promotional.
  3. i recently read an article in bazaar that addressed this very issue. it talked about warehouses in NY, ebay and the like. it is difficult because as in everything- counterfitters have rights too. their goal (lv) was not to get the little go(reseller) but to go after the big guys (the manufacturers). it is a long drawn out process and takes time and money. the NY bust had a street market value of 1.2 mill (and that's at the fake price)...that's a lot of bags. they also went after ebay and won a class action lawsuit for some [46mill] odd dollars because they were allowing sellers to post "replica lv" and sell it knowing it was a trademarked. it was between chanel, lv and some other brand. with the settlement, the article stated they they were equally dividing half and use the other half to continue investigating further cases and future lawsuits. believe me they are trying and doing, you just don't always see it and hear it.
  4. Great article Ayla! Thanks for sharing the link.
  5. yes, that is a great article. But these websites are really what bother me. I mean a LE bag comes out and instantly they have it, the Monogram Totally comes out and its featured on the main page, and we all know the internet is accessable to everyone around the world. Its just so bother some. It can't be that hard to get some domain's shut down, I am a webmaster myself, find out who owns the website through godaddy or who its registered to and get it shut down. If its privately registered then get a Lawyer to find out who owns it. May cost some money but in the long run I think its worth it, it takes years to become top 10 in google, if they make another website they won't be back for a long time especially for such a difficult keyword to target. ( Louis Vuitton gets many many searchs and is hard to rank highly for in the search engines)
  6. ^ There are people that devote their time to link farming as well, their websites positions' in Google are determined by an equation which is based on how many links there are to a site from other pages, so there are a lot of pages out there that get bumped to the top because a lot of fake pages with links were to created to manipulate search results.

    I imagine issuing a cease and desist letter is pretty easy, but once again, who will respect it if there are jurisdictional issues ?

    If you feel so strongly about it, perhaps you should be addressing this with Louis Vuitton directly ? :yes:
  7. It isnt solely based upon links, and Google constantly spiders websites to check backlinks and criteria to determine rankings, and the creditbility and popularity of backlinks too. Search Engine optimizer here :smile: Keywording and site popularity has a lot to do with it as well.

    I would love to voice my opinion to LV, I purchase all my bags from the manager of my LV Boutique I have mentioned it to him before but I just don't know how much my voice can do you know.
  8. They can try to shut down a little website, but it won't amount to anything b/c that person will just set up 10 more sites to sell the same stuff. It's a neverending cycle.
  9. I think they should at least shut down the web sites. Chanel shut down Nepranza .com that sold fake LV for 900 or less.
  10. ITA msbl0nde, I have the same questions over and over again!!!!:mad: So, to all who buys fake-or have bought fake- Look back - and think -that somehow you did support the counterfeiters and the crime syndicates that deals in human trafficking, child labor, and gang warfare; your money has been used to support terrorism.. So be guilty! Swear not to buy FAKE!!! Either you buy the REAL or save up for REAL or don't buy at all!!! If no one is buying fake then there is no business for counterfeiters/manufacturers. In short: The problem is people still buys fake:pout::pout:
  11. Louis Vuitton v. Google
    March 17th, 2009

    Well, they’re back in court again.

    Louis Vuitton sued Google because they don’t believe that Google has the right to sell its trademarked name to other advertisers that are used in an Internet search.

    I blogged about this when it first came down the pike, but the European Union’s highest court begain hearing the case today.

    Louis Vuitton attorney Patice de Cande said:

    “Google’s advertisement activities have given companies which sell fake products unprecedented visibility beyond their wildest dreams!”

    Louis Vuitton’s done pretty dang well in defending their trademark in the past… and the Paris Central Court already sided with LV when the case began in 2003. I’m interested to see how this plays out…
  12. ooh thats cool, I didnt know that, I hope they win cuz those Google Ads are sending more traffic to those replica selling sites. Thats how a lot of them get their traffic.
  13. They could set up more sites but the thing is the way customers find the sites is by ranking high in the search engines which takes years to do. If LV got the sites shut down and maybe a few tried to start fresh they would be toast, Louis vuitton anything is such a competitive keyword it would take 1-2 years to rank again. You can't just make a brand new domain and have it rank #1 right out of the gate, most #1 rankings let alone anything in the top 10 has been around for 5+ years and is an authority website.
  14. ^^I don't think that logic necessarily applies to these people running the fake websites though. They clearly know what they are doing when it comes to generating traffic and they probably have pretty good hacking skills. It's like those "legal" mp3 sites, their links all come up when you google a song and they all make you sign up and pay a fee to join a file sharing thing, a total scam. There are about 100 of them and they all link back to the same sites and have the exact same format, you can tell it is all the same people. If people are silly enough to put their credit card numbers into these fly-by-night operations they deserve whatever it is they end up getting. Buyer beware!
  15. I think its probably too hard to shut them all down since there are so many of them. another one just pops up...like weeds...annoying and hard to get rid of!