Why doesn't LV make a 27.5 Speedy?

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  1. I am super new to this forum so I apologize in advance if this thread has been done to death, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm the proud new owner of a Speedy Mon Mono 25, and it's a good size for me, and the 30 looked too large, but with all this debate about which is better, it really seems to me like if they just made an in between size it would be PERFECT.

    What I really want, is a Speedy 27.5. I feel like it would be the ideal size for so many people, whereas we are debating whether the 25 is too small and the 30 is too large.

    I guess it's a moot point, because we don't control what they do, and probably this way they make out better because we end up with one of each for different situations! ;) Just food for thought.
  2. because it would kill sales from the 30/25 as MANY MANY people own both.
  3. 100% agree.....I'm one of them! I own both. Wish they had an inbetween but unless audrey hepburn comes back and says make a 27.5...I don't think its ever gonna happen :smile::P
  4. The Epi leather 25 is a little bigger thank the canvas 25
  5. I agree. Thats is why I ended up with 25 and 30. Yes, It would be nice if they had speedy 27.5, but I would still buy 25 for night out. :smile:
  6. lol agreed. that would be to similar to both 25 and 30. i think the difference between 25 and 30 is just perfect to make it two distinctly different bags.
  7. hmm i think the eclipse speedy was a 28, but i could be wrong