Why doesn't LV create some kind of security label?

  1. As one of the largest designer brands faced with the fake issue, why has LV chosen not to create some kind of security label or hologram? (Aside from the pricing in developing something impossible to duplicate). I feel it would make things easier...
  2. Bunkie, That is a question I've asked for years. I thought it would have been something you would know! :flowers:
  3. If the US government can figure out a way to make counterfeiting difficult then I am sure LVHM can figure out a solution. At the very least, I am positive that LVHM is a bit more organized to the US govt!
  4. I don't think it would stop the counterfitters anyway...Chanel has the hologram and those are still faked.
  5. they can fake the ones that Chanel or Dolce&Gabbana makes so what's the point?
  6. I agree....they are still going to be faked no matter what. Good question though.
  7. ha! right about that!
  8. Like fendi's hologram?
  9. I heard not long ago that LV is designing a microchip for all their bags. So the fakes ones won't have the microchips. This chip is detechable in all airports and bags without these chips are to be confiscated and destryed.

  10. LOL! i am dealing with the US gov at the moment as I have moved here from england, that is SO true! unfortunately :sad:
  11. :confused1: Since when do we live in the LV dictatorship? No retail company, no matter how large they are, could ever get airport authority to cooperate with their anti-fake mission. I know fakes are a big deal to us, but for everyone else, there are just bigger fish to fry. This story sounds ridiculous.
  12. oh boy.
    that story does sound a little crazy.
    but with the advent of spyware on things as minute as ******,
    we could see how anything is possible.
    i think they just need to put a little more legwork into combating counterfeiting from the ground up.
  13. bags without these are to be confiscated and destroyed? that doesnt sound right to me :confused1: so what about the pre microchip ones? the authentics without them get destroyed too? hopefully they won't be choosing that method!
  14. that would be cool, but could the airport really do that?
    and what about the bags that were made before the microchip!
  15. Don't shoot the messenger! I read it in a magazine somewhere. A long time ago, 2 years maybe.