Why doesn't eBay get serious about fakes?

  1. It makes me angry that eBay is so slack at being able to do something about fake items, it appears that many many items are reported to eBay and that nothing is done about. You would think that eBay would start gathering a database of information e.g. serial numbers - it is amazing the number of bags I have seen with the same sequence of numbers that surely eBay has to have also noticed this?

    I just have to vent as I reported this bag and yet some poor soul has now paid $1700 for it thinking that they have scored a bargain authentic Chanel bag http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220146748464&sspagename=ADME:X:RTQ:AU:11
  2. welcome to the twisted world of ebay...and, to be honest, i wish i could have an answer to ebay's slackness re: fakes.
    the seller has a 90% feedback...:rant:
  3. I guess it's just so little people working at Ebay, so many fakes. I don't think they can keep up with it.
  4. Not to mention the listing fees and final value fees they get to collect. Why lose that money. :rolleyes: :cursing:
  5. eBay is making millions of dollars out of these transactions and it is inexcusible that they "cop" out of making sure that there are honest legitimate dealings between parties - they are acting as "the middle" man (and making money out of it) without any responsibilty.

  6. Nope, definitely not excusable I know, but I think to keep up with it they'd need a person per auction, or at least per seller if you know what I mean? There can't be that many people working there, and I think they just prioritise. I'd rather have people processing disputes on time. Of course, it could be said that if they just did a crackdown on fakes, there would be no need for disputes, but we have to remember ebay is not a place that only sells bags. I think the selling of designer bags is even a rather insignificant part of the whole of ebay.
  7. There is money to be made from listing fees and final value fees. It might come back and bite them and it may not, only time will tell.

    90% feedback, don't care if it's 1 out of 9, it is still a low feedback eBayer with a neg. Buyer beware!
  8. Ebay is NOT going to make priority pulling fake auctions. TOO much money to lose. I'm pretty sure that when an employee pulls up the days 'counterfeit' reports, all those that say POWERSELLER are completely ignored. Think about the guaranteed fees they make off these powerSTEALERS that screw innocent buyers everyday. Until Ebay gets sued by all the designers for there poor excuse they hide behind, as in 'we're just a venue between buyers and sellers' and do not actually sell the merchandise, nothing is going to change. You'd think that LV and Tiffany would sue AGAIN for as many fakes are STILL listed everyday.
  9. I've reported many fake and pirated goods on ebay, but none of them was ever removed. Sure they have rules like "don't sell counterfeits" blahblahblah but they don't do anything to make sure sellers are adhering to them, which defeats the whole point of having rules in the first place...
  10. because, as the others said, it's profitable for them!
  11. It's hard for ebay to get an expert on every counterfeited brand out there. These include handbags, ipods, watches, even nike sneakers. I know it can be better, but I understand. Look at how much better it is than ioffer, Amazon auctions, and overstock auctions!
  12. I believe that if people did their research on the brand that they are buying and went in with REALISTIC ideas of what they were paying for and how much they were paying for it then eBay wouldn't have as many fakes floating around as they do.
    It's all to do with supply and demand and let's face it - a good number of those who buy fakes do so because A - they want a brand label without really knowing much about the brand and what the authentic version look like and B - are in a delusional state that they can get something for nothing. It's quite sad, really. Education is the only thing that will contribute to a reduction in fakes on eBay and elsewhere IMO. I'm sure that some will beg to differ to what I have just written but that is what I believe. At least there are lots of boardies here willing to help others out before they get stung with a fake!
  13. Believe it or not, E-Bay is waaayyyy better than it used to be! A year ago, I would do a search for say a Chloe Paddington and no lie, 100 pages would come up, 90% of them fakes! Now there are only about 2 pages. I think they just have a hard time keeping up with the authenticating but it has gotten alot better.
  14. They are too busy targeting sellers like me. I swear there is someone going in my account periodically and excuse me, but f***ing with it. I had 3 Coach listings pulled today for trademark infringement. I bought all of the items at the Coach outlet! This is not the first time this has happened, and contacting Ebay is pointless because all I get back is a form email that in not so many words accuses me of selling fakes. Then when I respond, I get "Ebay is not accusing you of selling counterfeit items, but please refer to our policy on selling counterfeit items". WTF?!!! Oh, and they've restricted my account again to where I can only list and revise a certain # of items within a 7 day period. I am a powerseller, but only because I sold a lot of expensive items within a 3 month time period. So here they are targeting me, with a mere 130+ feedbacks and doing nothing about the sellers who are actually selling fakes. I report blatantly obvious fakes all the time and FeeBay never pulls their listings. I am so mad right now I could scream!

  15. I'm sorry... but but... why are you attacking me? I mean... it's true. Someone is probably screwing with your account and they're targeting the wrong people. Ebay workers aren't bag authenticators, it's just unlucky that they are replying to someone's report over your items. If you should be angry at anyone, it's the person who reported you.

    A whole load of fakes do get taken down too... sometimes I like clicking links on those 'beware the fakes' forums and they always show up invalid. I'm not saying it's fair for you to have been taken down, but it's just not their fault.