Why doesn't eBay do something about non-paying bidders?

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  1. I closed a bank account over two years ago and removed it from my eBay profile. Somehow, when my seller fees were due, eBay took the amount out of that closed account and charged me $15 for the bounced withdrawal attempt. I then paid the fees with my *valid* account that was on file, but still got notices that I had to pay. Well obviously it takes a few days for a bank payment to clear, but I STILL kept getting notices that they were going to freeze my account, etc etc. I wrote to eBay multiple times telling them that I had initiated payment, but now it had to clear.

    Anyways, I asked eBay's "customer service" why they didn't hound non-paying winners the same way, and this was the response:

    Thirdly, in regard to why we do not "hound" non-paying bidders, it is
    not our role to do so. The bidders are paying *you*. If you want them
    to pay, you can contact them and demand payment. We are a *VENUE* for
    buyers and sellers, and we do not get involved in the transactions.

    If you list an ad in the paper and you receive a buyer who backs out of
    a transactions, would the newspaper call them and demand they pay? No.
    That's not what you're paying the newspaper for. You're paying the
    paper *for the advertising space.* It's not their role to get directly
    involved in the transaction, though it is their role to insist that you
    pay for the advertising space on the site. This is the same role eBay
    provides. We are only a venue.
    Hm...that's interesting. Because I actually thought that the transactions that occurred on eBay were "legally binding"? How is that the same as advertising in a newspaper? Newspaper ads do not oversee transactions, whereas eBay does! Obviously, eBay did NOT like my suggestion at all!
  2. sounds like ebay is trying to play both sides of the table.... they get involved when they want and when it sounds good to say you are so protected in your transactions, but then they do nothing when it comes to the difficulty of NPBs!
  3. Well if you had a verbal or even written agreement with a buyer via a newspaper ad that would also be legally binding. The difference is you'd have less chance of getting the buyer to stand up to their legal obligations, whereas Ebay has ways to help you with that.
  4. how? as far as i know, they only send ONE payment reminder. honestly, i don't have a problem with that, except that when my fees were late due to eBay's own mistake, they would not stop sending me messages! i'm just wondering why eBay can't send automated messages to buyers as well. it's no skin off their nose!
  5. I know, I'm annoyed by a buyer right now who won an auction 5 days ago and hasn't even attempted to contact me. Yet this is in my hands, not ebay. They sit back and collect everyone's listing fees and take money and we have to deal with the problems. Errrgh.
  6. I should add, I've now sent the buyer a total of 3 invoices and 3 kind emails asking if they intend to pay (and if not, I will open an NPB alert). UGH, I was counting on this sale too.
  7. Ebay is ridiculous! They don't do anything to address any real issues, but they still sit back and collect all of their money. Half of the stuff they do seems like it is illegal, but if you ever sit back and review their user agreement, they have covered their a$$es really well. They will squeeze ever cent they can out of us. I am on the verge of kissing their a$$ goodbye with all of the problems they have been giving me.
  8. For future reference, just add the "immediate payment required" for all your listings.
  9. i thought that function only worked when it was a set price, you know like a buy it now? can that option be placed on auction style listings too?

    and rebecca, i'm sorry to hear about your NPBs. i've had two in the last week and considering i only listed three items... what sucks is that I wait around for payment, and by the time i realize, "this person really isn't paying" and i send the second highest bidder a second chance offer, they're not interested anymore.
  10. ^Ugh I know what you mean. This one REALLY sucks because this person was the only bidder, that's why I was excited, I wanted to get these darn shoes OUT already. I even emailed them again today to tell them I'd be filing an NPB alert on Sunday (the 7th day) if I didn't hear from them and of course, not a word. All the meanwhile, they're still bidding on and getting feedback for other items. :cursing:
  11. Well they have one reminder - a newspaper ad probably costs the same or more, no payment reminders. And they give you some chance at getting your selling fees back right?
    I agree that Ebay needs to do more to help the genuine sellers it was supposed to be for instead of spending all it's time pandering to the wholesale fakers who are obviously the big income, but people need to realise that they don't work for Ebay and that Ebay has no obligation to them. Ebay isn't selling your goods, you are. If you were all over your buyers like Ebay is all over you maybe you'd get your money, but it's not something most people want to do and I completely understand that - Ebay has nothing better to do and it's all automated for them, unlike us. I just wish people would get a bit more realistic about Ebay sometimes.
  12. Wow that was the most *****y response I have ever seen from eBay. I guess the bright side is that an actual human being really bothered to read your email!

    My suggestion, by the way, is to IMMEDIATELY remove any and all auto-pay setups from your eBay account. I pay them when I darn well please--which ends up being like twice a month, usually :rolleyes: but normal people won't have to do that, I just have gigantic fees--but there is no way in heck I'm giving them access to either my bank account or PP account!!! Remember that huge ordeal (actually there was more than one) where they double billed a bunch of people? I know people whose rent checks bounced because eBay grabbed an extra $1000 or more from their bank accounts. Then they took forever and a day to RETURN the money they stole. No way they are ever getting their paws on my money until *I* choose to send it to them.