Why doesn't Chanel sell on elux??

  1. It would make a world of difference if Chanel had an online shop??? Hello!!! I don't know why they won't sell through their website or on elux!! it's so annoying.
  2. As far as I know elux is owned by LVMH, which owns LV and Dior. But Chanel is a totally different company. So elux wouldn't sell Chanel.
  3. Right.
  4. Plus, you can't buy Chanel bags online, ya know?

    You could buy them by phone if you call a NM and talk to a SA! ;)
    If needed be, I can give you the number of my SA (he is great!)
  5. I have a great SA at the Madison Ave. store, but I'm such an online shopping junkie that it would just be so easy if I could click and shop.
  6. I wish I could buy Chanel online.
    There is only a store that sells Chanel here and it has very few items each time I go (about 6-7 bags) so it's almost impossible to find anything:cry:
  7. I'm actually glad Chanel didn't sell online.. AND they don't have a catalogue online too.. just helps to bring down the fakers...

    AND>. isn't the thrill of buying Chanel = walking into the store, viewing and feeling the bags and walking out with that giant black paper bag with your bag all wrapped up in ribbons?

    and doesn't the fact that the bags are LESS available that makes the "having it" so much more satisfying??


    having said that...... i wish i could shop for 1000% genuine chanel sitting at home in my PJs....
  8. yes, I got a kick out of buying it in a store, I wouldn't buy it online. But I'd sure like to see what's available, in what colors and for how much!:yes:
  9. yes yes.. I defnitely agree with that.. =) I feel weird asking SAs at Chanel .. "what else do you have?? what else is coming out soon? how much is this? and that.. and what about that??".. and then walk out empty handed... i'm such a wuss.. hehe
  10. I love going into the store...and not to mention the SA I'm cool with is really sweet and very attentive...but I love sitting at home and surfing the web..and it would be nice to see the details of the bag and just to be able to shop. It's certainly a unique experience going into a Chanel boutique, but I think it's time that they start selling on their website.
  11. I agree I love that Chanel is not sold online with a few clicks of a mouse..its a great experience buying it in person. :heart:
  12. I hafta agree, love the whole experience of buying in store. However, it would be nice if they had an online catalougue of some sort (but I know this would just help the fakers).
  13. I agree with everyone, it's much better to buy from the shop but unfortunately there isn't a Chanel store here in Greece. There is only a store that sells Chanel stuff but it has very few things and of course I can never find what I want:cry:
  14. I vaguely remember someone posting that Chanel was going to be sold on Eluxury.com. Did I dream this up or is it happening?
  15. I never heard this before, but I could be wrong. It would be great though!