Why doesn't BalNY give out tracking codes?!

  1. I'm going absolutely insane over here!

    I have someone coming to re-do the flooring during the proposed dates of delivery and I only semi-trust them. (Which isn't good enough, damn it!)

    Its delivered via UPS so there is a signature required, but my fear is that they'll sign for it and RUN RUN RUN.

    My roomie will be home, but still, he's a guy. He wouldn't understand me asking him to wait by the door for the whole day. T=<

    Worry Wort.
  2. I don't know...I had the same thing happen w/Nordstrom's - I was told they aren't allowed to give them out. Why would that be? What potential for fraud is there?

    BTW, they would look up the tracking info FOR me when I asked, though...to let me know the status (where the package was at a certain time & what day it was scheduled for delivery).
  3. Thanks fiat. I emailed the SA who placed the order for me, so I'm waiting for a response now.
  4. I would just call unless your SA is unusually good at getting back to you via email... ;)
  5. Thats what I was thinking too.

    I don't wanna be too annoying though, since its my first purchase and I refuse to be black listed just yet.

    ...I'll wait another few minutes and then call to bother. =P
  6. I am also curious as why Bal NY don't give out tracking number either.
    I ordered one bag on a Saturday, my SA told me the bag will be mailed out on Monday, (since I live in NY state). I'll get the bag on Tuesday by Fedex ground shipping. I've waited the whole day on Tuesday and Fedex guy already left, but no bag :confused1:. I thought I should wait couple more hours for another Fedex.
    Finally I called Bal NY, my SA was off that day and the lady picked up the phone said they cannot give out tracking number but a guy will help me track it. It turned out they didn't use FedEx, UPS was used instead. And the bag was scheduled to arrive on Wednesday and it did.
    The moral of my story is I'd just call to know the
    status of my bag .
  7. this is weird, but the last two bags that I've ordered from there I've gotten a call from UPS saying a package is shipped and it needs a signature on a 21 yr old and it gives me the tracking number. i'm tracking my anthrawork right now as we speak.
  8. I've had this experience as well the last two times I had bag shipped from BalNY. There were automated calls with messages left fairly early in the morning.
  9. Looks like BalNY (hate to say it...) doesn't have their crap together.

    I emailed, but sure enough, couldn't wait for a response. So took all your advice and just called. They gave me a better proposed date of delivery, but we'll see if it actually gets delivered on that day.

    I knew I should have spring the extra $30 to get it shipped 2day!

    Anyhow, how come I didn't get a call from UPS? Poo. How long after your purchase did you get a call notifying you all of the tracking number?

    And if BalNY is trying so hard to keep the tracking number from me, why is UPS calling people and disclosing the tracking number?

    It all seems like a bunch of wasted efforts...lol.
  10. Hi. I am new to the Balenciaga forum. I've been hanging out over at Chloe. Anyway, the point is that I ordered a bag from the Chloe boutique in NY and I was calling every day to see where my bag was. They would not give me the tracking number. When I asked why they said so that I could not change the delivery address. I guess it is a scam or something. Maybe this is the same reason BalNY won't give it out. :confused1:
  11. That's the reason that BalNY gave me the last time I tried to get a tracking number.:yes: