Why does this wallet look different?

  1. WOW! IS LV still selling that or is it discontinued? That wallet is HOT! lol
  2. This is the older style..
    they made this style as well in mono line while back..

    wow..purple lining is so stunning !!!
  3. Oh ok. Just checking :yes:

  4. Nope they are going the right way, :smile: I love this style wallet. Organizer with ID. I'd love this in the mandarin :biggrin:
    This wallet isnt made in the MC, its only made in the EPI, Mono and damier.
  5. mmmm... Purple lining... it makes me want blueberry pie? :lol:
  6. is it discontinued? i have this in red epi and bought it in 2001. and it is one of the pricey wallets, came with a little card holder as well.

  7. ^^Oh I see. i thought it was the porte tresor international. It kinda looks like it. I got them confused. :P
  8. If you do a search on Elux,
    organizer with id. you'll see this wallet. she put down the wrong name.