Why does this seem to good to be true to me??

  1. I was looking on let trade for another PFer to give an opinion on a bag they were interested in and I found myself browsing around a little more......the prices seem pretty reasonable! I've never done the ebay or used bag thing and I'm kinda use to seeing ridiculous prices on ebay or ok prices on REALLY used stuff......I don't think all the pictures are that great though and I'm kinda a perfectionist with my bags (which is why I have a hard time buying like this)....I'm thinking some of the things that look wonderful in pictures may not be as clean and new looking in person, and since the prices seem so reasonable I can't help but think that.....
  2. They are usually pretty good with their pics. They try and show all the flaws, if there are any. Sometimes they price stuff to move it. They don't want to re-list things over and over on eBay and keep paying eBay fees.
  3. thanks Irene, I know a lot of people are happy with them, I think I'll keep my eyes open to them now......The have a black epi petite noe that seems to be in beautiful condition for $329.99....seems REALLY cheap! BTW, have you noticed on elux under the epi petite noe it looks like they're picturing a regular noe or have they recently changed the bottom leather to trim the bottom like the regular noe??
  4. You know, I've never noticed that!!! Maybe they did change the design a little. I just went to look and it doesn't look like the same picture. It only has a thin strip on the bottom where as the Noe has a wider one. WOW!!! Thank you for pointing that out!
    I saw that black petit noe you are talking about. It does seem to be in great condition. Are you thinking about it?:graucho:
  5. hi lola24, i came across this web through tPF and has been browsing through their item and the price is surprisingly reasonable! i'm actually quite tempted but thought of maybe i'll try to buy some small item from them to see how it goes. if it turns out to be good, then it really help me to save a lot!!:graucho:
  6. Well, it caught my eye, but then I thought I'd mention it to you b/c the noe seems to be turning into your signature bag! I have a few bags in this type of style between LV, Gucci, and Burberry and I think I need to focus on the items I've been waiting to get....plus for some reason, the Noe sits better on me than the Petite noe.....It does seem like a good deal though, kinda hard to think I'm planning to pay close to that for a tiny wapity LOLl! I def. need to find out if they've changed the bottom on the petite though b/c I kinda like it better the way it's pictured on elux....
  7. yeah, I was kinda thinking that too, but it does suck to pay $30 for shipping if the item only cost $100.....and the small stuff doesn't seem to be as good a deal as the bigger stuff....
  8. I just remembered that one of the members on here lives just around the corner from let-trade shop in HK. But for the life of me, I can't remember who it was. She even offered to go and take a look at the bag in preson if some one was interested in buying from them. WE MUST FIND THAT MEMBER!!!:lol:
  9. true... but it will be a good place to get limited edition item if they are good. was looking at a josephine and it's only going for USD349.99:wtf: .it's real cheap, i hope it's really not true good to be true. my friend sold me her bag cheap claiming it's 100% authentic and we are quite close friends, but turn out it's fake! and she told me your bag look so different from the one in the boutique when we went out that day!!!:wtf: :censor: :rant: that's why i'm a bit afraid when the price is reasonable:shrugs:
  10. :lol: yeah! agree, that will be a great idea!:nuts:

  11. Is that annemerrick??
  12. Yes, I was about to say, I think she is the one!
  13. Oh, that's terrible, so sorry! I would be afraid too, but wait, I am AFRAID!!! I'm quite sure they're real but I still question condition based on the "you get what you pay for" school of thought.....they don't seem to have any paperwork or dustbags....not that I have all my paperwork, but I know I bought everything at the store! It just occurred to me that with some of my small items I never got the papers b/c the SA took them out for me to try and never put them back in, oh well:sad:
  14. your friends sold you fake lv ?She is your real friend?

  15. Yes....it's ME!!!! I have dealt in person with let-trade, and they are just as fantastic as they seem to be!! I just bought my LV Red Vernis GM from them, for what I considered to be a great price, and we met at Starbucks for a trade-off! It was in perfect condition...actually it looks brand new:love: .....I think they are good about showing pics of the actual condition of the bag. If you see something you like, I would go for it, as I have found all of my purchases from them to be wonderful!!!!