"why does this bag cost 1550.00?"

  1. is an article in this month's marie claire magazine...i thought it was a great article...i hate having people ask me why bags cost so much (tacky question...none of their business..) however, the article shows all the work that goes into a bag, in this case the ferragamo eleanora and describes what's done to the bag in terms of serial number, stitching, hardware, lining, handles, types of leather, types of stitching and i think it's a great article to read if you get a hold of it...they had 7 staff members take 7 razor blades to take the bag apart and appraise it to see why it cost so much...anyway, just an fyi to all of you in case you want to read the article!!
  2. I really like that feature! The magazine features something every month that's higher priced, from jeans to swimsuits to handbags, and deconstructs it to show how it is made and what it is made from. Sometimes it really demonstrates why something costs significantly more than something else that looks similar.
  3. I read it, too and thought about posting it. Thanks for bringing it up! :yes:
  4. Ooh I may have to go and buy the magazine :smile:
  5. someone post the article... :lol:
  6. And the presence of any ads for bags in that particular issue will be pure coincidence. Probably purchased months before, when the issue was just a few article ideas barely sketched out.
  7. Sorry, I am feeling mischievous.

    Seriously, I think it is a good move, I don't know if I would consider it necessary, but with so much money at stake, I can understand the urge to be pro-active and pre-emptive.

    So while what to me might seem like barely audible and occasional murmurs of less positive sentiment with regard to "high end" product pricing, might sound like the beginning of a potential roar to someone whose multimillion dollar income could be jeopardized by the development of any significant reluctance on the part of consumers to dig deep for their luxury goods, and especially in light of some changes in the larger economy, which will make loyalty weigh even more than size of consumer base, I would not be surprised to see similar articles come out in more magazines - and not just because those magazines tend to routinely run similar articles!
  8. I hope they put those poor bags back together!

    I would love to read the article.
  9. Wow that's really cool! That is totally true that most designers bags cared with decency last much longer than some cheap bag that was made in China (no offense to anyone).

    I admit, the prices are getting insane for some bags, but these are bags that if taken care of, can last a lifetime! I want to build up a collection to hand over to my daughter when it comes that time.

  10. I get Marie Claire too and I love that section each month... it just totally broke my heart though that they took the bag apart... :crybaby:
  11. ^can we like create a group? PETAC? People for the Ethical Treatment of Arm Candy? It's 2am, I'm corny, it's okay!
  12. Well, as someone with over four decades of bag consumption, famous names and none, leather and not, I can only offer my own experience, which says that use or abuse of a bag counts more than even material and workmanship in terms of "lasting a lifetime."

    You can order a bag hand made, as in the actual hands of one human being, of the finest leather, and if you abuse that bag, it is not going to last you a lifetime. And by abuse, I mean if you use it day in and day out for extended periods of time, like months, even years, on end, in all weathers, sling it, toss it, slam it and bang it around and rub it against all manner of surfaces and beings, let stuff get on it and never bother to wipe it off, leave lipstick with the top of the tube off in it, and leave it in the car on a hot day, etc, that bag is not going to last you any lifetime, and in a relatively short time it is going to look like a pile of warm poo.

    And if you go to Target or Wal-Mart or the dude with the blanket on the sidewalk and get the cheapest, most machine-made, mass-produced unleather bag you can find, and you rotate it with a probably unecessarily large number of other bags, and avoid getting stuff spilled on it, handle it gently, don't sit it on dirty floors or squish it up against smelly bony people in crowded subways, wipe it off if it gets dusty or wet, keep the inside, if not actually clean, at least free from any moist or wet or waxy things, like smoked salmon or lipgloss, you will be able to pull that cheap bag out of the closet twenty or thirty years from date of purchase and it will not look significantly different.

    Now I am not saying this to try to change anybody's mind about which bags are "better," but if you have a bag you like, whether it cost $2000 or $2, no matter what it is made of, nor by what processes, if you want it to last a long time and still look good, take care of it! :biggrin:
  13. I'm impressed you can do that too! :tup: Thanks for sharing. Makes me love my Ferragamo all the more.

  14. Right you are! Fabulous point :tup: