why does the zucca spy on saks different?

  1. I was looking for retail prices for the zucca spy(so tha tmy family would stop bothering me about how much i spent!!!)

    and i noticed that the Zucca Spy on Saks' website had a different spy glass handle. theirs is tortuga, and mine is leather...

    why is this, and here are comparison pics:
    ha.jpg derrrrrr.jpg
  2. did i make sense?? on bagborroworsteal.com it looks like mine with the exception of the all zucca spy that has the tortuga spy glass handle....also on diabro.net it looks like mine too

    whats the deal?
  3. it is leather..tortuga is leather made to look like turtle shell, if I am not mistaken. Don't worry, ours are authentic and beautiful! Shhh be careful next time she might hear you doubting her!

    **there's mine up close:
    zucca 006 (Large).jpg
  4. I see what you mean. I never noticed that before. Maybe Fendi changed the design slightly from previous season for the new season. I wouldn't worry about it.
  5. I went to Saks yesterday and compared my zucca spy with the one they had on the shelf and it matched up in all respects.

  6. i was getting freaked out a bit, but i trust the ladies here, or else i woulda never bought it!

    i just thought that was weird is all. i know my baby is real...not returning this to the stork!!