Why Does the Outlet Tear Off the Tags?

  1. Here in the San Marcos, TX outlet they tear off the part of the price tag that has the price on it. They will not leave it on even if you ask. Why do they do that???
  2. :shrugs: The outlets I go to have never done that. I dont see why they wont leave it on.
  3. My outlets don't do that either. They just write through the price in red what the lowered price (from the factory price) is.
  4. The outlets near me don't cut part of the tag off. They usually have Coach Factory price tags (shows retail and factory price) and if the item is on sale they write the price in red.

    Maybe your outlet receives merchandise direct from the full-price stores...so they have to do something to make sure the bag can't be returned at full retail price. Don't know for sure...just a thought.
  5. They do that at the outlets near me as well and I'm never sure why they do that..
  6. Some SA's at the outlet do, some do not.

    At my outlet, the SA's ask before tearing or I tell them to leave the tags intact.
  7. I've noticed that at all outlets I've shopped at the past 6 months or so.
  8. hmm i shopped at the San Marcos outlet and they did tear off the price tag..i didnt even realize it until i got home!
  9. That's wierd, I wonder why they do that? They don't do that at my outlet.
  10. They do that at my outlet too.
  11. Hmmm when I went there a few months ago they just tore off the bottom part with the price
  12. Yeah my outlet does too- when you go to check out you mean? My outlet leave the retail tag on and then the outlet price is underneath, but when you check out, they take the price off.
  13. My outlet does that too! Maybe they do it because you don't pay the full price & it's a factory store? That still doesn't really make sense though.
  14. I wonder if they do that to deter selling on eBay?
  15. They do it so you can'g figure out whether they discounted the item right ;)

    Nothing like getting home and trying to remember what % off the bag was and then looking at the receipt trying to figure out if they charged you the right amt...