Why does the MJ leather look different?

  1. I was at Nordies looking at the Spring collection and I noticed something odd-why does the leather look like vinyl now? Specifically, I was looking at a Blake. The leather looked inferior to what I'm used to, and looked strangely "puffy". Has anyone else noticed this? Or maybe it was just the one on display?
  2. They have produced some patent bags this season. Maybe that is what you were looking at? (it is kind of weird patent, so not as easily recognizable at first) They are still making some soft calf ones, too, though! They just haven't hit some of the stores yet. Were you at Neiman's? My Neiman's only had the patent bags last time I was there.
  3. Yeah I was thinking as well it could have been the new patent ones you saw ...
  4. Was it the new Blakes with the knot at the base of the handles? Did you feel the material? Did it feel any different? I havent noticed a difference in the quality of the appearance between the older and recent soft calf Blakes.
  5. there is a classic style blake without the knot that's not patent, but has leather unlike the regular calfskin. it looks a bit shiny, glazed-like. it comes in a very pretty poppy color, but, yeah, it's not as soft. it kind of feels like the leather used on the striping line.
  6. Probably using less expensive materials to produce bags !!:nogood:
  7. I was at Neimans in Dallas yesterday and they had the patent blakes, multipockets, and elises...man, they were strange looking! :shocked: Not quite sure how I feel about them just yet...
  8. ^^ ITA. With the bright lighting I was almost blinded by the reflection of the patents (especially Tangerine Blake!) :cool: :p
  9. Yes, there was something about the patent that did not look quite right to me on a few of the ones I saw. I am usually a big patent fan, too.
  10. I was at Nordstrom this evening and I saw the "puffy" leather....it was weird!! Especially that "multipocket" without the pockets on the side. It was Ivory and the leather was really puffy and thick. It reminded me of that craft foam you get in sheets. It was a very weird texture. I did not like it, at all. I didn't have time to thoroughly inspect all of the bags, I was kind of in a hurry. I did see the Blake with the knots. It was nice, but I think I still like the original better. They did not have a Venetia with the knots. I really wanted to see that. No Stams. Boo hoo.
  11. Okay, I was just at Neiman Marcus and Saks today and now I know EXACTLY what you mean.

    The leather on the new multipockets and blakes with the knots (at least the ones I've seen) are exactly as sweetdreams described. :sad: The SA at Saks told me it is "still Italian calf leather" (whatever that means) but to me, the leather had a weird, puffy texture that felt, well, much cheaper. They are definitely lighter, though. But in my opinion this is a major compromise in quality of leather on the bags. To say nothing of the absence of the suede lining, too.

    In a way, to me, this leather did not even feel like leather. I don't know if it's the way they treated it or a different leather source or what. But it felt almost like artificial leather.

    I am very disappointed and I hope this is only going to be a one season thing.
  12. That's incredibly disappointing - the main reason why I love MJ and keep returning is the quality leather!
  13. I don't get how they still call it a Multipocket if it only has two pockets?? :tdown:
  14. Anyone else have thoughts/ info on this?

    So far, all the new season traditional calf leather bags have this new kind of leather. I really don't like it. Do we know whether this is going to be a permanent thing or just for this season? I'm really bummed out by these changes, most of which seem to cheapen the soft calf bags :sad:
  15. Wow, I really hope this won't be permanent, or I will be scouring e-bay for all of the classics I can get my hands on. I generally love patent, but wow, it looked off. I haven't seen the other leather in person, but from the sounds of it, we are in for a bumpy season.