Why Does the Men's Muse cost $400 bucks more?

  1. I got the final pricing for the Men's Muse which is retailing for $1895 at the YSL store. However, looking at Saks.com and reviewing the Oversized Muse listing, the price is $1400, so why is the Men's version $400-$500 more expensive?

  2. Hmmm...NM is selling the regular leather oversized for $1295 (I know because they messed up and charged me this price for my large Muse), which makes the men's $600 more :wtf:. That seems rather unfair, does it? Is the men's Muse much bigger?
  3. That upsets me -- I am thinking that if they are similar in size, I am going to go get the Oversized Muse and have the straps shortened!
  4. The oversized is VERY big, so I can't imagine that the men's is much bigger. I would imagine that if you know a reputable place that will shorten the straps, that would be a good idea.
  5. i think in general men's fashion is more expensive (not that this is an excuse) because while there's more interest in it now, it's still relatively new. kwim?

    with women's you could do so much, but there's only so much that a man would wear

    and purses or bags? higher end? they better be business like!

    that's changing of course, but again, this is just the beginning. there was a time the word metro wasn't being used mainstream and that wasn't so long ago.

    so it's more expensive i think because the men's version (unless it's the exact same as the women's..i'm assuming from what you posted the straps are shorter? and maybe a few other "details" that makes it more for men then women...) probably didn't have as many in production then women's because the demand is not as high.

    or maybe it's just a mistake.

    but it sounds like you have a plan! i think shortening the straps for 400$ is well worth it.
  6. But the men's muse is so much smaller than the lady's ones!!
  7. Sounds like a good idea to me especially since the men's version is $$$ more :wtf: .
  8. I went to Neiman's today and looked closely at the women's suede Muse -- and tried it on...its actually quite nice and a bit manly looking IMO. I could rock it with the right outfit but then I looked at the price in the store and its $1895 also...hmmm. I am confused.
  9. ^ To be honest, I think that the women's suede Muse in oversized looks really fabulous... so...which one are you gonna get??
  10. Part of me is really leaning toward the woman's suede Muse since I have been told that it will go on sales eventually by the SAs at Neimans and should the one at my local NM be sold, I can always call around and find another one -- plus its cheaper.