Why does the Cartier baby trinity necklace have 2 clasps?

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  1. One looks like a safety chain.
  2. Maybe the other is kind of a "extender"? Haha.. i'm clueless myself..
  3. never seen that - could be either of the above comments. i'll bet it's an extender tho.
  4. I have had the necklace for several years and often wondered the same thing. You definitely can't use it to extend it (or at least I can't figure out how to do that)--I always thought it was a safety lock. The second chain is much thinner.
  5. Looks like a safety chain.
  6. When you wear the necklace, does the chain move around and is it weird to have the clasps (with the safety chain) move to the front and be all jammed up with the pendant?
  7. I think it is there for safety as well. Your best bet is to just call a Cartier store or the 1-800 on the website for customer service and ask.