Why does Pottery Barn Kids suck me in?

  1. I LOVE that store. I have been SOOOOOOOO good, never bought anything there without it being marked down at least 50%, and most of the time I scout Craigslist and even eBay for things, but I'm sooooo sucked into it!

    I tried to find alternatives, but NONE were as good and they have the market on kid's holiday decorations, I SWEAR. Their table stuff for the holidays? SO CUTE!! Their BEDDING?!?!? OMG!!! My sons could have so many sheets if money and space allowed! And quilts!

    So, this is my potterybarn kids stash:

    PBK kitchen (island with stove and sink, refrigerator and dishwasher) - the one in blue with stainless steel and TONS of accessories - microwave, cookware, food, coffee pot, toaster. Got this for a STEAL on craigslist as a whole group.

    PBK Carolina craft table and two chairs

    PB wall organizer for craft stuff above the table

    PBK nap mat (never used!!!)

    Several sets of PBK placemats, but I stopped buying those as they get all scratched up really quickly

    Clearanced out PBK Sorceror outfit

    6 PBK clearanced Christmas Stockings.

    Things I'm eying and can't help myself? A PBK carpet (way too expensive), and several Thanksgiving items from this season. And my son is oogling the Firehouse and the "thinking chair" (their stuffed chair with a red slipcover)

    Oh, I did get a Turkey food set for my son to play with as I'm preparing dinner too! We are having guests and a few kids, so I thought they would enjoy that if dinner takes too long to get to the table! Ha!Ha!
  2. I love their stuff too. I have bought way too many things from them but I got some great deals on sale. I bought my kids the cavas toy bags and alot of canvas boxes to organize their closets. I have some of their bedding too. I have lamps and some furniture. Toys too......
    I think they have a outlet in Virginia. That is one place I would love to go to.....alot of people on eBay buy from the outlet. I think Pottery Barn quality is great, I have never had a problem with anything I bought.
    Have you checked out their paint colors??? I am painting all the rooms in my house with Pottery Barn colors. Some are really beautiful and it gets hard to decide which one you like better.
    You have excellent taste......
  3. I love it too, and the great thing about Pottery Barn...when your child outgrows it...craigslist is a snap to sell or pass them on

    My friend and I meet at PBK Kids with our lattes, sit down in one of the bedroom areas...and let our girls play. They don't mess the place up, and have made friends with all the ladies that work there.

    Maybe I should just work there.
  4. I have been to the Virginia outlet once, but it is NOT a place to go with a child or a stroller because it is SOOOOOOOOOO packed and things are in boxes, etc. It is a "go alone" kind of place. However, their prices there are great. That's where I got the wall organizer for under $100 and it was new in plastic, no damage and it was originally $300.

    Today I went to get something I couldn't resist. It's their Train station Rug (not online). I saw the other day they had one folded up to the side. So, I asked about it and yep, it's 30% off. I figure, OK, it's about $10 more than their usual markdown, but it's the right size and it fits our needs (the playroom in our lower level doesn't have heating, it has to 'steal' heating from the adjoining room, so it gets chilly on the floor. I figured a wool carpet that is plush will be much warmer than the thin cheapo train carpet from Ikea I currently have (which is also too small by about 50%).

    So, she goes to ring it up and it should be about $220 with tax, BUT... even though it's not listed on the floor as being on sale, it IS on sale, for $199 THEN they added the additional 30% off for being a floor model (it was under a bed - looked NEW, NEW, NEW), so with tax I got it for $146.00 for a $315 with tax carpet! SWEET!!!! Now I don't feel guilty a 5x8 CUTE carpet for that price is about the price I'll be able to sell it for (at least $100) when I'm done using it in a few years. You are SOOOOO right, resale on PBK is really high, so if you buy on sale or at outlet prices, you won't lose much and have a decent quality piece in the meantime. That's part of the allure for me. This is our last kid and so saying I'll "keep it for the next kid" won't do. I need to be smart about what I buy and how much I hope to get for it in the future!
  5. Yup, my baby's nursery is PB Kids from eBay, with a rug I found at the Birch Run outlet in Michigan (127 dollars!!! Woo!). All matching jungle animals. I'm obsessed with the outlet and need to rent a truck the next time I go up there.
  6. I had my son's rooms done entirely in the Pottery Barn kids castle line. It was cute.
  7. Spending tons of money on a changing table and crib is ONE thing I'm glad I didn't do (bought a plain and simple, yet highly rated for safety Childcraft set from Sears). With two kids, I think they spent a total of 10 nights each in them! GASP! Neither of my kids would sleep on their own.

    Ironically, my son now is still in a crib, but I got used for VERY cheap a babe tenda crib with the side door. It's a tad longer than regular cribs (I have very tall kids) and it makes getting a big kid in and out easier. I wish I would have had something like this all along. It would have made cosleeping easier as you can take the side off and and slide it next to the bed. My crib also didn't convert to a toddler or other bed, this one does.

    Not saying not to get your dream crib, we ALL have the dream things we want for a baby, just saying for me it would have been a HUGE waste. My best friend, however, has a baby who loves his crib, so it all depends on the baby I guess!

    Invest in a great stroller or two though. I get so tired of seeing these HORRIBLE strollers! There is a HUGE difference in ease of use and ease of handling with better strollers FOR SURE. Believe me, I've tried at least 20 strollers if not more.
  8. I invested in my dream stroller, the Orbit. Since it arrived, I think I have wheeled it around the house a million times. I love it.

    And I figure my baby furniture is a good investment as well because the top comes off the changing table and turns into a regular dresser and since the wood matches the rest of my house it can pretty much go anywhere. Also the crib converts, and if she decides she wants a different bed when she gets old enough I can just use it in a guest room.
  9. Good choice on the Orbit. It wasn't around when I was having my youngest, but it probably would have been my choice. I started with a Mountain Buggy and HATED IT. Switched to a Stokke Xplory and LOVED it. Now I use a Red Castle Whizz for my HUGE 2.5 year old and I love the stroller, but I wouldn't have wanted that as my one and only stroller for the entire time. I like that that Orbit and Xplory have reversible seats AND one hand steering.
  10. Ohhh I say good choice on the Xplory! That was my next choice :tup: Yeah... I was quite impressed with the steering on it. All around it's an amazing stroller and I haven't even actually used it yet haha. I love the built in diaper bag... I was pleasantly surprised with the size... it looked like it would be a lot smaller than it is. And I had yet to see the Red Castle Whizz... just looked it up... very nice :yes:
  11. I love their stuff too! I bought a complete crib bedding set for my daughter and I loved it! It held up great in the wash too! I love their designs!