Why does no one nibble at my JChoo bag?

  1. I'm not advertising an item I'm selling, but I am asking specific questions about what I need to do to make people WANT THIS BAG!!!

    It's completely new - tags, everything... yet I've listed it twice and this time for 50% of the retail price and I have three watchers (and it's a buy it now bag)....

    Are there specific things JC buyers want to see? I need to take more pics (I only have three), but what price for NEW, NEW, NEW and it's a specialty bag too - which maybe makes the market for it smaller? (not an everyday bag).

    Is my price still too high? i'm SICK that I'll lose 50% on a new bag. I mean SICK, but it's better to have 1/2 it's value than to have it sit in a box in my closet for 30 years....

    Suggestions for me?
  2. What style is it and what price?
    The year end JC sale really effects reselling our JC bags and makes it so they hardly bring in 1/2 price - because the sales prices for brand new bags direct from JC is available - along with Saks and Neimans really marking them down.

    I totally LOVE Jimmy Choo bags, but
    Sadly JC does not retain there value like Chanel
  3. I saw that bag. So sad...I remember how excited you were when he gave that to you.

    A couple of things..
    We know you and the story of the bag, but eBayers have no reason to believe or trust you. So, what you will need to do is take more pictures that show clear close-ups of the logos and lilac plate. I wouldn't be able to authenticate the bag on those three existing pics alone. Also, very true what LCD said. The last round of sales had some really great discounts. Lots of people already got "new" bags at 50-70 off. This is probably not a good time to sell a bag, unless it was super hot, like an authentic electric blue Mahala.
  4. What style is it?
  5. A speciality bag will most likely need someone who is looking for just that bag. It is after the holidays so people are spent out. Tax season is coming up? I know I will be paying big time! Is it a seasonal bag? I guess there are lots of reasons, but jburgh is right about the pics. People expect lots of pics with a high end bag...
  6. Please post the style and color of the bag. Is it an evening bag or everyday?
  7. I agree. With all the recent sales, JC bags were available for up to 70% off. Right now in the boutiques many are 50% off. Maybe wait...I know a lot of people are not spending money right now. Good Luck...I hope it sells soon!
  8. Yes, More pictures and is the receipt available to include with the auction?

    I hate the depreciation which sales contribute to handbag investment :sad:
    It is OK for the hard to sell styles/colors, but once a basic style goes on sale anywhere, the re-sale value plummets desperately.

    I am happy for all the Divas who score sale bags.
    But I wish that MJ, Chloe, JC, NM, BG had not offered such deep discounts on their bags.
    It simply de-values our investments in a NY minute :shame:
  9. ^Which brings up an interesting point! :yes: Do you (and I mean anyone reading this post) buy your bags with an eye out for investment/resale? Or do you just buy what you love and carry it to the grave with you with not a second thought of reselling?

    I fall into the second category, which is why I can't ever see myself owning a large number of designer bags at any one time. But I do understand the gal who loves a bag, carries it for a short time and then wants so recoup a fair price for it upon reselling so that she can purchase something else she covets a bit more. Of course there is also the girl who buys quite a few bags and would never resell, but let's just stick to the original question.

    Which is, in case you forgot..... :p Do you buy to resell, or no? :wondering Because I totally agree with Chicbags, the deep discount sales several times a year have got to really hurt resale values.
  10. I buy to keep and wear. Not that I haven't sold a few that I wasn't wearing, but I find it hard to let go!:heart:
  11. I also buy to keep and wear. I'm becoming a little more anti-trend and now look for some basic colors and classic styles. Then there is the collector's item group and for me that is exotics. Occasionally there are really flashy ones that I'm drawn to, but then the love cools, and I'm glad I didn't make the purchase. There are a couple I'd let go of for various reasons, but I plan on wearing the rest until I take the "dirt nap."
  12. I also buy to keep and wear, but I do get a little out of control with the spending sometimes and need to weed out the pack. I never expect to get great resale values, however.
  13. More pics would help. I have not purchased anything on e-bay in years and Hi neighbor on the south side of the Potomac.

    I definitely would hesitate before buying anything high end. There are so many fakes out there and as has been noted, ebayers don't know you. Also the department stores & JC boutiques had great sales. Most of all, you have a speciaty bag. The size and shape is still on trend, but yours is the blingy-er version so it is not an everyday purse and may not appeal to everyone. I wish you luck.
  14. Stinker - like Jm - I buy to keep and wear. I get too attached.. :shame:
  15. I'm a "bag hoarder" :O
    I love them, totally clutter my closet with them and rarely extract one from my stash to sell or pass it on.
    (even if I haven't used it in more than a year ...or worse, never used it:shame::shame: