Why does my new Coin Purse say PORTE-MONNAIE on the card? Confused!

  1. So I posted in another thread that I bought a Tomato Coin Purse today. But I just realized the card says PORTE-MONNAIE on it. Umm wasn't that the name for the discontinued mini coin purse? I am so confused!!!

    The card reads:

    2007 3 130783 D940T 210

    I looked it up on here that the old mini coin purse style number was 130782!
    Do you think they are just calling the new Coin Purses PORTE-MONNAIE now? The style number is so similar except now it says 3 instead of 2 at the end.


  2. I believe that all the coin purse tags read PORTE-MONNAIE :yes:

    I am not sure what the older/discontinued tiny one's cards read though :shrugs:

    Perhaps Balenciaga just changed the dimensions of the old PORTE-MONNAIE at some point, making it slightly larger, and thus the style number was bumped one digit.
  3. ^ Isn't "coin" purse the street name? hehe.