Why does my chanel bag looks like this?

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  1. Hi Girls
    I'm new to this forum. I hope for some help as I can not figure out why my new chanel bag looks like this. I have bought it preowned from a reliable seller. Why is the flap shorter in some of the classic flap bags? Is mine a older model or? I have posted two pictures. The beige one is the same as my bag - the flap is shorter than on the other picture. The other bag in red has a longer flap? Are they different models or?
    Hope someone out there can help me.:smile:
    Cheers, Marie

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  2. The flaps are generally shorter on the vintage flaps like the jumbo L and XL. That said in one of the recent past seasons (not sure which), the maxis had a shorter flap like the vintage flaps too.

    Do not worry :smile: As long as you had the bag authenticated and it was from a reputable seller, you can breathe easy!
  3. Hi Jade81
    Thank you so much for your answer. Does that mean that my bag is old, or could it be one from a reason season? Do you know where I can read more about this?
    Cheers Marie
  4. if there's still a hologram sticker inside your bag, you should be able to tell when it's from.
  5. Yeaps look at the hologram :smile:
  6. Hi girls
    The hologram says 8797720
  7. I can't tell the year from the hologram either. Someone please educate? Anyways, this bag looks vintage.
  8. Hi, hope the info below able to help....


    9XXXXXX series - 2004 to 2005
    8XXXXXX series - 2003 to 2004
  9. Yours could be the vintage Jumbo L or XL which looks similar to your flap...
  10. Probably a Jumbo...the vintage XL Jumbos weren't still being made after the late 1990's.