Why does my cat wait outside the bathroom for me?

  1. When I go inside the bathroom, whether to take a shower or... for any other reason :p, when I come out I find my kitty outside the door, like literally in front of the door.

    Even if she's asleep or sometimes not in the room when I go in, I'll find her outside, and sometimes I'll see little cat paws reaching under the door (!) I'll be like, what are you waiting for out here?! :shame::p

    This is my first cat, so I was wondering if this is typical behavior? It doesn't bother me, I just think it's wierd and funny...
  2. I think it's really cute, I miss having a cat in the house.
  3. Totally normal...cats love bathrooms. Mine usually sits on the tub in between the shower curtain and liner while I am in the shower. He can get "tough" and swipe at my hand when I turn the shower knobs. lol. Other times, late at night he will just be sitting in the bathroom, hanging out.

    Cats are so interesting and unique.
  4. Totally normal. My cats wait for me outside the bathroom, or any other room with a closed door, as well. I live alone so don't close the door when I take a shower and they wait for me in or just outside of the bathroom.
  5. My cat does the same thing to me..he sticks his little paws under the door..cats are just nosey like that.
  6. My dog does it too- just waits. I'm pretty sure he's half cat though.
  7. My cat Teenis (dont ask) waits outside the door when I am in the shower, after I am done she runs in and licks the floor of the shower, she needs help.
  8. My dogs do that too. I think they are convinced there is a secret door in the bathroom and I am going to disappear and never return. Sometimes, DH will stand outside the door and talk to me, so when I open the door, there are 2 dachshunds, and one DH standing waiting. Dogs are cute, DH just bugs.
  9. because you won't let her in?? Just kidding - mine does too - and if I am alone and haven't shut the door tight she will barge right in and hang out with me...true love lol!!!
  10. My cat used to follow me around the house, like a little puppy dog. Good to know other cats do this too and it's normal.
  11. My doggie does this too! He also supervises "drying" and tries to lick off all the shower water on my ankles and feet.
    He is so funny!
  12. My cat will not only wait, but come in with me... And one of my boys will go pee and/or poop at the same time I am (Sorry for TMI)!!! I swear...
  13. Because you are her master and she's obviously very loyal to you. My dog does the same thing ... she thinks she always has to protect me.
  14. My little kitty does this, too!! When I get out of the bathroom/shower, she is usually right next to the door, other times she'll put her paws underneath the door.:tender:
  15. OMG my Coco does that too! I thought it was only her because she lurves me but I guess it´s normal behaviour.