Why does JPG Birkins only come in Clemence?

  1. Unless you special order it, it is only available in Clemence.

    Is it because Clemence is the softest leather and will hold the shape better even though it is being mashed by your arm whenever you carry it?

    I saw a photo of a BEAUTIFUL
    Croc JPG Birkin, which would be my holy grail, but I guess not very practical since your arm might ruin it from all the squishing/rubbing.
  2. It comes in ostrich too! :yes:
  3. i thought it's available in togo as well.
  4. I am curious about this too. :confused1:
  5. It is available in other leathers, but you need to SO it. If you walk into the store and see it on the shelf, it will be Clemence unless it was a rejected SO.
  6. Interesting. Mine is super squishy. I have to keep it buckled...or it gapes open. Doesn't matter when you have it on...but awkward when it's just sitting there. And with no pockets....until I purchased an organizer, my stuff just rolled around.
  7. Bleu Brighton too - as I found out yesterday - LOL!
  8. ooooh, i'm no fan of jpg, but in bb, i might change my mind :drool:

    hey wait, did you get it! :nuts:
  9. Here's the shoulder birkin in bleu brighton clemence. It's gorgeous!!! Enjoy :smile:

  10. Nice pic^^
  11. I Love Bb!!
  12. LOVE your bag. I find that being able to sling it on my shoulder is sooooo nice! What a great color.
  13. This is gorgeous, tresormakati! This *needs* to go into the reference thread! We may never see another BB shoulder birkin!

  14. Not that I'm an expert, but I thought they traditionally came in Togo.

    The blue is gorgeous!
  15. Only clemence.