WHY does it take almost 12 hours for my listing to show up?!

  1. :hysteric: Anybody else experienced something similar? I listed something over 10 hours ago and it is still not showing up under "Items for sale"!!!:cursing:
  2. Hi LV_addict. Are you listing Designer bags? I think certain brands are being reviewed for authenticity before eBay allow the listings to show. I think quite a lot of people have been having similar issues - listings not showing, listings being rejected etc. Hope yours turns up soon!
  3. bags are being reviewed for authenticity.
    servers take a little while to update new items into the system.
    eBay is going downhill.
  4. Yup. That happened to me too....be patient...it'll show up...hope you don't have to revise anything in your listing...you'll end up waiting another couple hours...I would know!!!
  5. My last listing took 24 hours too appear! After it appeared, it was no longer a *new* listing! There's fake bags out there that appear much earlier! :cursing: Have noticed that the lower starting auctions appear before the higher ones! Go figure!
  6. It is terribly frustrating,but at least they are making some attempt. Unfortunately it effects the honest sellers negatively...go figure.
  7. Thank you so much, ladies. It did appear! FINALLY!!!:wlae:I figured it had something to do with authenticity but didn't know it would take this long. Next time I will have to list something right before I go to bed so I won't drive myslef nuts :wacko: by checking My eBay every half hour!
  8. I'm listing some LV and my lists took one night to appear. I think it's their new term ( join w/ MyPoupette to review the lists to avoid fake item on lists, etc. I read it on MyPoupette site )

  9. i had a twenty four hour wait on all of my items the last two weeks too! every time!
  10. I listed several items last Saturday and they did not appear until Sunday morning. I would check my counter after listing and there was always 5 or 6.
    Then nothing for hours and hours.

    Don't you think the 5 or 7 days (or whatever) listings should start when they appear in the search????????!!!!!
  11. It is frustrating, that’s why some of us have started looking at other viable options like Google Base and others... why is it always so easy to buy and soooo darn hard to sell :confused1:
  12. That's why I didn't list the last listing day sale. I figured I would lose 12 or more hrs.
  13. This has happened in the past, even before eBay's simple-minded "witch hunt." At that time, at least, it was often a factor of how busy eBay's servers were: Sundays were the slowest (becasue so many peoplel list on Sundays) and any time they had a listing sale. . . .could take a looooooooong time. Notice when you list a new item, just above "Submit your listing" there is a new wrinkle, telling you your listing may not show up for some time and they don't guarantee you will get the full exposure you think you will get (no fee reduction, of course! =( This is true not just in handbags. . . .we recently listed some Juicy Couture socks and had the same thing happen. . . of course it was on a "sale" day.
  14. At this point, you're lucky if it ever shows up.

    I wondered about the delay a couple of weeks ago and then found out about the new policy. So the next bag I listed I scheduled more than a day ahead of time hoping it would appear as scheduled. No such luck...ebay removed the listing for "trademark misuse" before it even appeared in the listings.
  15. They should give you an extra day for free for the frustration. It's so irritating!:cursing: