Why does it feel so wrong to spend so much on flats--but I still want them

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  1. They're okay. Not wow. How much are they?
  2. I have to agree - although they're CL, there's nothing special about these. They look kind of old fashioned to me.
  3. I third...not so exciting.
  4. ^^agree....
  5. I have a hard time investing in sandals and flats too, even though I wear them FAR more frequently than my heels!! I totally know your pain. That being said, I have to agree with the others that I am not a fan of these CLs. I think there are much better sandals out there for the same price or a let less. However, if you really love them and will wear them all the time, then they are definitely worth the investment.
  6. :nogood: I always think it is a good investment if you will get lots of use from them- unfortunately think they are just OK
  7. I think the leather slide part that goes over your foot is too wide. It needs to have a thinner band across your foot. I think that these may look dowdy due to the thick strap. I do like the color a lot. It is a great neutral. I would wait until they go on sale.
  8. Agree with the above, I don't think they're that special.
    I tend to spend more on my heels too, even though I wear my flats more frequently--though I have the cutest pair of CL flats that I love to wear and prance around in!
  9. It's not wrong to spend a lot on flats but these are just not pretty
  10. If you are going to wear them a ton then I say buy them- price per use right lol?...and I am sure they are very high quality since they are Loubs so they'll last a long time. You could also wait to see if they go on sale....
  11. These aren't pretty, just MHO...
  12. i second the above. like others have said, there are much prettier sandals/flats for the same or cheaper price.
  13. I don't feel any different buying flats or sneakers or high heels.
  14. To be honest those slides aren't really my cup of tea. If they are really that expensive personally i would hold off for something nicer.