Why does H discontinue a bag?

  1. Hi all! I was reading some older threads and noticed that the Kelly Elan was discontinued along with a long list of others. I was wondering :idea: if bags are discontinued because of low sales or are there other reasons for why production of these bags has stopped. I thought it would be interesting to find out from the experts! Thank You:shrugs:

  2. They're never really discontinued, all bags can be ordered, depending on what sort of relationship you have with your store.
    I believe the Kelly Elan was discontinued to make room for the JPG Kelly Clutch.
  3. I love that about H.
  4. I believe supply and demand. They don't want unsellable merch clogging their shelves.
    I do think its wrong, we all have our favorites.
  5. I think sometimes they discontinue a bag when the material used becomes scarce.
  6. GrandFonds, Elizabethk, Mudmud. Thanks for the information.
    Nola I love that about H as well.
    I wonder just how "special" does your relationship with H have to be...:wondering:wondering:wondering
  7. ^ good enough to be offered a SO. BTW if you choose an unusual bag like the kelly elan as a SO the store will probably like you more (and offer you more orders in the future) than the one whom is just there to get a birkin.

    I personally love the elan so much more than the JPG, but neither one is bad.
  8. and yes isn't it comforting to know the day that i will wake up in a cold sweat scratching my wrists to get a Himalaya, H will acctually be able to make it for me.
  9. Naughtymanolo. Thanks! I love the Elan too! Of course more SO would not be bad...:graucho::graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. Good luck getting your bag!
  11. LOL:lol:
  12. I am thinking of using my SO for a Kelly Elan like SMom's.
  13. Seton- That's sounds wonderful! I have seen shopmom's somewhere I love it! Good luck!
  14. Mmm I love the Kelly Elan. It's a totally different bag to the JPG Kelly, so to me it doesn't duplicate anything.

    I don't know why they haven't discontinued the Colorado yet--or have they? I have never seen anyone carrying one. Ever.
  15. Cynyc, I know I have seen a picture of the Colorado :yucky: sorry to offend anyone who likes them...I wonder if they are discontinued. I saw one for sale at Bluefly a couple months ago.