Why does Gucci have completely different bags on US vs. UK website?

  1. I didn't realize until I went looking for the name of my bag (the 'abbey' medium shoulder bag) that it's nowhere to be found on the US site. There are totally different bags on the UK site.

    Anyway, here's my baby. Haven't used it yet. Have had it for months. Scared to take it out without scotchgard!!

  2. Oh, and here's my Guccissima Wave Boston. Haven't used HER yet either. OK, I'm paranoid!

  3. Great bags!
  4. They definitley sell totally different bags in europe, I love that you can get stuff over there thats not available here.

    Very attractive style! Ive always loved the d-ring hardware. :heart:
  5. OMG I love your boston!!! I'm a big fan of the white/cream leather. Personally don't like the brown leather on brown canvas combi.