Why does GUCCI have a lower re-sale value than LV or others?

  1. Just out of curiosity......
  2. Probably because they have a sale each season and a lot of their bags go to 50% off
  3. Gucci is wider available too. And it's just not as popular overall, compared to the items produced.
  4. This is part of what has lead me to stop buying the newer styles at least at full retail. Most every Gucci bag ends up on sale a few months later and authentic ones are easy to find on bluefly and eBay at sales prices. My last two bags that I bought in the boutique were a black and a brown large guccissima hobo at about $1500-$1600 each I think. Not long after I bought them I saw authentic ones being sold on eBay for half the price! Also they don't seem to sell out of bags the way that Chanel and some others do. They are easy to buy online without calling all over the world to locate a style the way I have to do with Chanel. I can always find a Gucci bag if I want even if I do not buy it right away as soon as they come out. The shoes are another story...size 11 Gucci shoes always sell out at full retail prices quickly....so I am still loyal to the shoes. I have changed my mind about items in my collection so much over the past couple of years and often sell things within a year or two and I like to get a decent amount of my money back especially if I barely used it. I have Chanel bags that can sell at a nice profit over what I paid or at least I can break even. I'm big on resale value and Gucci has just not had that in my experience except for the old Blondie line which sells nowadays at close to retail or over retail. Also frankly the designs have be uninspiring the last few years. I have never tried but can Gucci bags be refurbished no matter how old by taking it to the store? Another part of the appeal of Chanel, Hermes and maybe others is the ability to take a bag back to the store and have it refurbished as it gets wear and tear....and this increases the resale value in my opinion.
  5. probably because they have outlets too
  6. Well said BLL! i also agree with Azumie that the outlets have a lot to do with it also.
  7. my opinion is...

    GUCCI's...hand made QUALITY!!! is 8/10...while Louis Vuitton is 10/10...


    GUCCI goes on sale! and random issues such as...a classic will suddenly become a 'non-classic' and go on sale...or a non classic will suddenly become a classic...
  8. i personally do not think quality is the issue...ive had better luck with gucci than LV...but then again maybe you are thinking of gucci's canvas vs. lv's coated canvas?? whereas if you compare lv to gucci plus --- :smile:

    I think the outlets and sales have a lot to do with it....whereas LV people are just excited to see a break in prices and take what they can get.
  9. Chanel has an outlet but from what I hear there are usually only small accessories and maybe a few unpopular bags that were very unsuccessful or really trendy...the classic styles never go on sale. In fact if you bought classics a few years ago the prices have nearly doubled!
  10. yes I often go to chanel's outlet but I dont like any handbag that they have (yet). Chanel's handbags in the boutique are much better! Unlike Gucci, the outlets really have some good ones with unbelievable prices.
  11. Agree with all of the above re sales etc. I generally find that Gucci is overpriced (when full price) compared to the rest of the market aswell... I love the monogram but do not think it is worth the price (will not stop mw from buying it however!!).

    Plus with LV you get a far better service when trying to maintain your bags...

  12. I think it is because the quality is not as good. Not to mention the fact that Gucci really doesn't have the same appeal now to many people. My friend says it is "played out."

    And as far as I know Gucci really isn't handmade.

    As far as outlets go, I don't think that really has an impact on it because Chanel has outlets as well.
  13. lol i love uneducated people! :smile:
  14. not as exclusive, too readily available, bid prices don't go up as much, not as popular overall
  15. I do agree with many of the post about the price difference but I have noticed that on the LV sub-forum, many of the participants have noticed LV's going down in resale value recently. However, I would note that this is most certainly a temporary hit on LV and the resale value will skyrocket in a few months.

    This is still a curious trend to me, as LV is still considered so "sacred" to some and it is EVERYWHERE...It has come to the point where I no longer wear my mono speedy because I see it everywhere and the speedy 40 was the preferred bookbag for girls at my college...Trying to hang on to my beloved LV, I was going to purchase an Alma from the epi line but I have noticed that the leather looks more "rubbery" than with previous lines. I figure that because the line is so popular, the quality can change and people will continue to buy.

    I have started to buy Gucci because I am young and like trendy pieces! I really would prefer Chanel but cannot imagine buying after the recent price increase when there are childern without clean drinking water in the world! So, in conclusion, Gucci is a very fun, trendy brand that offers some measure of relief for its poorer customers( I say this in jest, because you are not really poor if you can afford to spend more than $400 on a bag, no matter how old it is). LV retains its air of exclusivity by doing the exact opposite of Gucci concerning availibility despite having a higher base price and in my opinion, a stronger marketing campagin...Can u tell that I am a bit peeved!!!!!