Why does every Halloween have to be so cold?

  1. I never get to wear my scandalous outfits. What bunny wears pants?

    Ugh, I'm probs going to have to go as an angry university student this year again.
  2. LOL, you're too funny. I say put on a long trench and take it off when you get to the door.
  3. Thing is, I'm going to a haunted theme park.

    Now I'm going to have to attract he-goblins with PERSONALITY. So much for an Autumn boyfriend omg. :sad:!!
  4. i totally understand. i know im going to be freezing that night. i guess i should make a doctors appointment now because i know im going to get sick the next day.
  5. Haha, what are you going as?
  6. To answer your question (so sorry, Mrs. Obvious here) when I saw your title all I could think was, "'Cause it's the last day of October!" I know...I am a dork!
  7. Let's trade places Jan...it's still in the 80s here....I want it to be cold! :p
  8. OK, This made me LOL :lol:

    Sorry, I don't have any helpful advice. I just thought it was funny...
  9. I read this really funny thing somewhere once.

    "You know you live in Canada when you have to design your costume to fit over a snow suit."
  10. ^Lol.
  11. im matching my fiance. were going as the flintstones but on a sexier note. lol. and u?
  12. In NYC the girls dont care if its 10 degrees they still walk around half naked, i dont know how they do it
  13. Hard liquor. That's how I handled it in college. If you're wasted you don't care if you're cold. :p
  14. Amen.:yes:
  15. Lol.
    It's totally different here, always warm for Halloween. I even remember way back when I was little, we'd have our parade at school for everyone...we were always SO warm in our costumes.