Why does Elux run out of new items so quickly?

  1. I am getting tired of having to check and re-check Elux for different items that are there one second and gone the next (example- Azur, now Pomme d' Amour). I mean what do they do, stock one item each?

    Are they trying to just create hype for new products or are they really underestimating demand by that much? It is getting annoying. :cursing: Usually retailers make it very easy for me to spend my money, LOL!
  2. There is a thread on this already. Use the search function and you'll find it. :p
  3. because all of USA is ordering from there :smile:
  4. I don't know how many people remember, but back before the MC stuff got so easy to find, many of us would sit on the elux site and hit refresh every minute or so hoping for something, anything to pop up!
  5. ^^^ Yes, but I guess my question is do they do it on purpose to create hype? It is not like LV didn't know there would be a high demand for Azur at first and I am sure Azur has been years in the making so that they would have time to stock appropriately.
  6. I remember those days...
  7. It's aggravating! When I was trying to buy my leather Onatah GM, one minute it would be on there and the next minute it wasn't. I kept checking back for several days and when it popped up again, I grabbed it.
  8. I really doubt they do it on purpose.

    You have to keep in mind that while eluxury is under a seperate accounting system from the LV boutique, they still basically share the same stock. They cant produce 100 damier azur speedies and only send it to Eluxury, they have to split it between eluxury and the boutiques.

    Also people love to be the first to own new items so you are competing with all of US over the new stuff.

    If you dont want to keep checking on eluxury, you can always call 866 and have them check stock and order it through them :yes:
  9. It only takes a person to put the item into the shopping bag to make it vanish, provided that if eLux has only one of them.
  10. Lol my mom did that with the white MC Speedy when it first came out. I was babysitting one night, then when I got home she freaked out on me and made me help her order it :roflmfao:
  11. lol i felt so bad cause i put the mc pochette in my basket and didnt let go of it until that night.
  12. I do remember that! lol!
  13. :nuts: I can't believe you guys did that deliberately?:confused1: :roflmfao: I was just kidding...So don't shoot ppl!:blush:
  14. Well I ordered a pochette even thought it was too small for me because I wanted to see what the stuff looked like! Even the LV store didn't have any of the MC items in stock for the longest time.

    As for the stock, I could be wrong, but I know that one of the distribution centers is in Memphis and I imagine that they unpack new stock in no particular hurry and then update every hour or so. We did start noticing that if there was anything new in with the MC stuff it would pop up at about 10 minutes after the hour. It seems to have gotten better since then but I don't think its intentional, they are just putting stuff in the system as they unpack stock and they only have what they are sent.

    I have been in LV and they seem to have plenty of the new items in. If you can't wait on elux you can always call 866-vuitton and have it sent to you.