Why does eBay allow this to continue? Illegal in the US!

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  1. See, these are the kind of rip-off artists that make a killing by selling replica products and eBay can get a million reports on this illegal activity and they do nothing. I'm guessing as long as they get their cut of the profit they aren't sweating it, but do they really need to get sued AGAIN and pay millions of dollars to Gucci or LV like they were court ordered to do in 2008? Do they really have another 61 milllion laying around?

  2. ^ Most of those have been modified just enough to avoid breaking the law. It's not bag design, it's labels that are illegal. Look at the GG on some of those bags and you'll see it's actually CG.
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  3. Then again, some of those are so ugly that they should be illegal.
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  4. LOL!

    But as pointed out, although close, they are legitimate designer inspired items.

    NOT Gucci vs genuine Gucci.png
    NOT YSL vs genuine YSL.png
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