Why does eBay advertise fake handbag sites?

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  1. Why when I do searches for designer items do I always see the little ad box on the side with sponsored searches for Sacbelle (which is also Balenci) and Become.com, among many others who all sell fakes? eBay is against fakes but will advertise for sites that sell fakes? WTF am I missing aside from the almighty dollar value?
  2. Unfortunately I don't think it's a big priority because they get advertising money from them. It might help to report the sites to ebay and see what happens. Sometimes they don't do full background research on the companies they let advertise so it might help to alert them as to what kinds of companies they're promoting.
  3. Ufortunately I don't think they give a damn about ANY fakes whether on Ebay or from other stores who are paying them.:rant:
    I think they have a "token" rule about not listing fakes to stop them from getting majorly sued but they would know that people are getting ripped off buying fake LV everyday and it sure doesn't worry them.
  4. I do tend to agree, especially seeing as how a lot of the fakes go for a LOT of money and ebay takes out that final value fee. They'd lose a ton of money that way.
    But I do notice that there are a lot less fakes than there used to be. I mean, there are still a pathetic amount of them, but before, ebay used to be dominated by fakes the way the Yahoo auctions are and now they aren't *as* bad.