Why does Coach love China more than the US?? :P

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone knew the reason why Coach makes little promotional items (like the headband and mirror that strawberryblade and mrodriquez2006 posted recently) for magazines in China, but they don't do that in the US? I would buy SOOOO many more magazines if they came with little goodies like this!!!
  2. I think those were Japanese magazine exclusives. Japan gets a lot of cool stuff.
  3. Just a thought... since Coach is a US brand... it would be nice if Coach manufactures their stuff in the U.S. It would help create more jobs and help the economy since many people actually purchase their stuff. It would be great to help stimulate the economy even if it is just something this simple. I know that outsourcing helps keeps costs down but they charge such high prices for their "name" already not necessarily for their bags. We need to help our country's economy as much as we can... Just my opinion.
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    They don't need to convince us over here in the states to love Coach because we already do! Why waste money on promos for a country that is already obsessed? Thats just my theory anyway.
  5. I think it is part of the culture across all retail companies that do business over there. I was in Japan a year ago and everywhere I bought something they would wrap it in a nice bag and attach some kind of swag with it.

  6. it would be nice! but it is rare to find made in USA labelled anywhere..even Kate spade, juicy couture, marc by marc jacobs, etc is made in china.
  7. I think a few clothes from Juicy can be found with the US label, you just need to go to their Boutiques and look around. I believe I found one while I was at the Vegas Premium Outlets (I didn't buy it though). Only higher end brands are sticking with the "Made in USA" label nowadays.

    Louis Vuitton are still sticking with their Made In USA label. Last I checked, my local boutique only sells USA-made Azur Gallieras. While it may be a disappointment to some, it's actually good if you think about it.

    It's disappointing that these designer brands are moving to China, whereas they end up taking these ideas and turn them into fakes. No wonder China is so popular with them. :roll:
  8. Yeah, I share your thoughts on this one. Japan (or the entire of Asia) seem to get the coolest items.
  9. Mainly Japan and of course Hong Kong. LV does 'special' stuff for Hong Kong market too, some special items were released last year at ridiculously high prices, sorry I forgot the details. LV has special editions made only for the Japan market, I heard and that these designs are usually very pretty! I want them! But prices of normal LV is already so high in Japan, imagine the special Japan editions ones....:wtf:
  10. If you have read the book by Dana Thomas, she notes that the entire reason that luxury brands expanded to the west coast (now this is different than Coach because Coach is an American brand) was due to the power purchasing that Asian travelers made. Perhaps Coach is doing the same thing that the other brands did - cater to the Asian market because they were spending, spending, spending on all the brands.
  11. :P Can, now you remind me that I SHOULD stop spending. :roflmfao:
  12. sigh. singapore gets a miserable floorset and prices are more than double. and bad service! they charge $5-$20 for gift boxes if the item isn't bought from their store.
  13. Just from my experience the Asian consumers are more into headbands, cell phones, business card holders (esp. in Japan).
  14. I have been to Singapore, Japan (numerous times), Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia. Elite Asian women loves designer items. They have boutiques and but they don't have outlets for bargain hunters like me. I notice that Asian women are more fashion conscious than North American women. You can see when you're in downtown Vancouver. They are dressed up in designer items. Myself however, can get away with just a pair of jeans from Sears, a hoodie and a Coach bag. ;)
  15. well a) people LOVE designer items! it's a little bit of a cultural thing in Asian where it is a BIG symbol of status...

    b) the cost to produce these items over there are sooooo much cheaper than to produce here in the U.S.

    c) to increase brand loyalty...it's a principle of marketing and also a cultural thing...people will not only remember the brand, but appreciate the brand as well