Why does Coach charge $20 to replace a defective handbag????

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  1. I bought my Holiday Patchwork Duffle on Coach.com. The gold started coming off of a gold leather patch, Coach says that it is probably defective and they would replace it. I sent the bag in (what choice did I have? I couldn't keep using it like that) and now they are going to charge me $20 to examine the bag for repair! Why would they charge me to replace my bag, that I paid $300 for, that is defective? I don't understand why. I would understand if the bag were older or the problem was because of wear and they were doing it more as a courtesy, but not for a manufacturing defect. My only other choice was to drive about 200 miles to my closest Coach store LOL. $20 isn't alot of money, but it's the point, why spend more on a bag that already cost $300! :confused1:
  2. Coach used to have a much better service department in the 80's and 90's.
    I find it apalling that they are charging you a mailing fee when the bag obviously has workmanship issues. They should be paying the shipping to and from the Factory. Coach used to refurbish and refinish their handbags if
    a consumer paid the mailing in to the factory. They no longer refurbish handbags but do replace zipper pulls and hang tags. They have really gone downhill in the Customer Service Area.
  3. i've heard of lots of people getting that fee waived. always try giving cs a call and explaining the situation- it can't hurt!

    and i think it's there to keep people from just sending their stuff in, just claiming it randomly as defective. kwim?
  4. I've gotten that fee waived before, I talked to someone really nice from CS. If you explain your situation and are (slightly) persistent you shouldn't have any problems getting it waived :smile:
  5. Definitely talk to CS. I had to return a damaged bag and wanted the replacement one to be shipped to me on an expedited basis, but the SA wouldn't upgrade the shipping for free. I called CS and told them what happened and got free 2-3 day shipping (if it helps, I spoke to a woman named Irene who was VERY nice - maybe you could ask for her).

    I'd call and tell them that you're too far away from a store to take it in personally, but the bag is only a couple months old and is defective, so the shipping fee would have been waived if you could get to a store. I'd be surprised if they don't do it for you.
  6. When I was at Lahaska yesterday, I overheard the SA telling a customer on the phone, to bring in the bag and her receipt and they would ship it in and probably waive the fee (after examining the bag).
  7. Yeah, those holiday patchwork ones are sketchy. We had a few at the outlet I used to work for, that we couldn't even sell because the ocelot patches were fading and the printing was rubbing off. It looked pretty bad.
  8. I have a Holiday swing pack that I bought from the outlet. The ocelot patch has almost rubbed off and I only used it a few times. So what do I do?? Will they repair an item that was bought at an outlet?
  9. Any bag thats under a year old shouldn't be charged for when sending out IMO, that's horrible!
  10. I agree with Sprinkles.. When I worked at Coach a few years ago, if it was a defective bag and it was less than a year old, we waived the fee.
  11. I would not be very happy if they charged me for a DEFECTIVE bag! Make a polite stink, if that makes sense to you. Reason with them adamantly.
  12. I know it seems unfair, but they charged you for shipping and handling and the $20 covers cost of any repairs they'll have to make... just a tip though... they probably will not replace the gold patch on the bag and they'll probably send you a Jax Letter with some kind of compensation...ie) the current price of the bag to get a new one or a huge discount off of a new bag. Most likely the first. You should be grateful... Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel... holy moly, that would have cost you an arm and a leg and that's assuming they would have done anything for you to begin with. Coach's customer service policy is actually one of the best. Coach and Brighton is great also with repairs and the like.
  13. Yes they will...if it's over a year old, they'll charge you the $20 fee. Bring the bag to a full price store.