Why does Amazon do that??

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  1. So this has happened before where I order something, today it was the Kale satchel for $316.00!! and then later on the price is jacked up like $100.00! ?! Does anyone know why they do that?
  2. As long as they jack up the price AFTER you bought it!

    IDK, maybe so you think "Wow I got a good deal, I must come back to Amazon and shop more often"....?!
  3. Did you mean you bought the satchel and then later checked again and the price went up $100?
  4. Yes, that is what happened! Sorry..I didn't express myself very well. AND it's happened before with a pair of shoes I ordered. So yesterday I ordered the KAle satchel for 316 and if you go there now it says 416, just like it did 10 minutes after I ordered. I think Balihai might be right. Maybe they want you to think you got a good deal. :confused1:

  5. maybe it goes by demand? so if their supply runs low, they up the price :confused1:
    seems kinda odd to me either way
  6. Is it still up in the same color? I have noticed that often their sale prices on bags apply only to certain colors sometimes. Weird. :confused1:

    Either way congrats on your Kale satchel!
  7. Holy cow, now the chocolate one that I ordered is at $557.89!! Up even more than this morning. So it couldn't be the color.....hmmm.....
    Thanks, greenpixie :smile: I am super excited about the satchel. I've been wanting one for a while but not wanting to pay full price..heehee. I just wish Amazon wouldn't do this because I wanted to post in the Deals and Steals. But now it hardly seems a "Deal" :s

  8. Amazon is different in that they have 3rd party vendors which do all kinds of interesting things. I have a pending order from Amazon that is supposed to ship tomorrow. I am keeping my fingers crossed because my last 3 orders from Amazon resulted in an e-mail 1 week after ordering stating the item is permanently out of stock!!!!! When I called Amazon on it, they stated that they can't guarantee anything that is purchased through a 3rd party vendor...including the fact that an item may be sold out when they have it available on the site!!! Maybe they can't guarantee the price made by the 3rd party vendor either....just a thought.
  9. My theory is based on demand and popularity, mixed with little bit of game-playing on their part. They give everything a sales rank. I bet if a few people buy an item they are probably going to raise it. If there is something you want and its really discounted, you should probably get it rather than leaving it in your cart because it will probably just go up. That happens to me a lot, and its always on the best deals that are steeply discounted.

    Im an amazon prime member now which is actually really good; and you get price protection if something goes lower than what you paid. The only drawback is the amazon prime orders seem to get processed right away so you cant cancel them. I like to be able to cancel the order if I get cold feet 20 minutes later.
  10. Amazon does this all the time. Your best bet is to put things in your cart and watch for price drops then hurry up and buy it before the price goes back up.
  11. I SO HATE THAT!!! I put some toys - sold by amazon, not third party - that were priced really great in my shopping cart just after Christmas, but I didn't check out right away. When I first put them in my cart, the total was $95. The next day I went to place my order and ALL the toys went up in price, making my new total $300!! Needless to say, I didn't place my order.
  12. Amazon did that to most bags. I have a bookmark for 50%-70% off and it used to be two pages. Starting today, it's just two purses! LOL
  13. Thanks so much everyone for chiming in with your experiences!! Good information. Don't wait, buy low! :rolleyes::yes: