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  1. Love your Neverful?

    I am thinking of buying one for the Aussie Summer... In azur... I never thought that I'd want one but... it is screaming out 'buy me, buy me...'
  2. I love that it is very lightweight. I love that you can wear it cinched or uncinched. I love that it is open and easy to access the contents. I love the printed interior.
  3. I love it because it is the ultimate tote. You can carry practically anything in it and still by stylish. I saw that they released an XL limited edition size... I would love if they released the XL size in Mono, Azur and Ebene canvas.
  4. ^ITA! I love how versatile this bag is. It can be used for work, school, causal, dressy, travel, etc. I've used my NF GM as a beach bag too! The azur would be perfect for this coming summer season!
  5. Thanks girls! I think it would wear it cinched a lot. When you have it cinched, does it stay that way or do you need to 'lock' it somehow?
  6. Initially, I wasn't interested in a Neverfull. As time went on, and I saw it in pictures here on the forum, I started to see it as a bag that I might want. It looks so "casual chic", is very lightweight, and obviously can carry a lot. I bought the Damier Ebene in the MM size and I love the bag! I got the Damier so that I could have an all weather shoulder bag and not take out my vachetta LV's on rainy days. Now, I don't mind if it rains because I look forward to carrying my Neverfull. I know its a bag that's seen a lot, and it isn't one of Vuitton's more pricey bags, but there's just something about the Neverfull that makes you fall in love with it when you carry it.
  7. The collection is so addictive I bought all 3 MM , Mono, Azur, Ebene
  8. i would die to have 3 nvfs in my collection glamorioustasha.
    now i have 2 (both Ebene mm) 2 more, 2 more to go !! :yahoo:

    i like the nvf because it is just an easy-going bag
    just throw all your stuff in and it's ready to go (:*
  9. Sure! It's been getting hotter lately, and there's nothing like the blinding beauty of Azur in the Aussie sunshine!
  10. Oooh I'm the same! I think it'd be great as an 'anything' bag and would suit the Aussie Summer wardrobe.
  11. I hv an azur nf mm & LVoe it. I can use it to run to the store or bring my iPad & books with me to work. Get it!
  12. Same dilemma here!! But I lovelovelove the ebene one more!
  13. Both of mine stay cinched on their own.
  14. Please do a search and also check the Clubhouse for existing thread, thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.