Why do you watermark your photos?

  1. Just curious. I see a lot of photos watermarked here and I'm wondering why. I understand if you're selling on eBay and don't want someone stealing your pix, but what other reasons would there be? I've never watermarked any photos I've posted; if someone wants to download them and use them for something else, I really don't care. Is there something I'm missing?
  2. Well, I would watermark them so no one takes them and calls them their own. People can list it as authentic and they being selling a fake. Some people just don't want the risk.
  3. ^I agree. I watermark my photos so that no one can try to pass them off as their own. Whether it's a scummy seller who wants to steal money from someone or a troll who wants to pretend they have a large purse collection on some other forum...it's just nice to know that they won't have much luck using your photos.
  4. this is a public forum, therefore you could/do have odd people here that are here for one reason, stealing photos for eBay.
    There have been a few issues with this happening, so many will have tpf id or your forum id @tpf so if something comes up on ebay its easy to find out of your pic has been stolen or you actually are selling things.