Why do you think they're cute?

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  1. Yep, same as the title above...
    why .....

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    source: Celebritywonder.com
  2. Yeah...they're cute/handsome and all but, I think what women find attractive the most is how they carry themselves. At first glance...wow :amazed: !....but, if they start acting like a dork/idiot and there's no sign of intelligence the looks start to wear off. These men pictured are not only handsome but they carry themselves very well..they have charisma..love Mathew :love: ...thanks for the pic!
  3. I actually don't find most of them attractive, with the exception of George and Matthew (and I only recently got into George since he's quite a bit older). But yes, I agree with pursemama as to the reason. A lot of what I like about George and Matthew is from their attitude during interviews and other events. Their natural charm and personality does a lot to increase their appeal.
  4. My choices will be George Clooney and Matthew coz' both of them are charming. George...for his charisma......just make you swoon and Matthew.........his sexy, muscular body and not forgetting...his humour.

    Brad Pitt.....I'm getting bored with him......since the day, he left Jennifer for Angelina. Jude Law......yes, he's handsome but I'm still questioning his loyalty towards a girl. Harrison Ford......he's just too old for me and Denzel, ummmm.........is he married??? Not interested in married ones.
  5. I like Harrison Ford but not that picture in particular. His characters are so sexy and he carries himself well. He seems like a kind nice man that could sweep you off your feet. At least to me, hehe.
  6. Johnny Depp :heart:33333 He just bought a house a couple miles away from mine! I'm going to stalk him!
  7. Harrison Ford: Because he's Han Solo and Indiana Jones all rolled into one.
  8. Mr. Depp. but only as a Pirate. :-P I swear he was the sexiet make-up wearing pirate I've ever seen in my life!

    and of course Matthew, he's got a great body and always seems so adorable and relaxed. :smile:
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: That he is!

    Out of that bunch, I like Harrison Ford :love: The Indiana Jones movies are my favorites!
  10. We threw a halloween party in 03 when that movie came out, and someone (we didn't know of course) showed up and looked dead up like Johnny Depp as the pirate. If he would have entered into a costume contest, I swear he could have won. I'm going to see if I can find a picture of him and post it. It was creepy how much he looked like him.
  11. I agree about Depp as a pirate..soooo sexy it hurts!
  12. WE have the same taste in men!!! :lol:
  13. He's so delish! :love: He can be the pirate and I can be the damsel and distressed hostage! :lol:
  14. In no particular order.....Brad, Matthew, George :love: :love: (who is hotter than HOT :nuts: ) and Denzel in his younger days.