Why do you think the GH bags cost more?

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    I have been pondering this since they first came out with GH bags. One concern when paying money for high end bags, is how long will they last, and if they last a long time, will the style become outdated? So I ask all of you, do you think the GH bags will become out dated in a year, in 5 years? Why do you think they cost so much more? Is it because of the materials needed, or how the GH bags are made, or is it strictly a way for Balenciaga to get more money? And for the gals who love giant hardware and regular hardware equally and have bags in both styles, do you think the extra cost is worth it? Thanks in advance for you input.
  2. I think because they were new, they wanted to see if they could get a lot more money for them, and it worked so now they are running with it. I still don't really like it and I think the gold will eventually turn and not look nice. That is what concerns me the most about it and I like my tassles. The new Besace should have tassels. I'm sorry it just should.
    400. more for the same City bag, LESS tassels add GH, that's ridiculous plus it adds weight, and a considerable amount of weight to the bag. I was stunned when I opened the GH City box and took it out. It was so heavy compared to the regular City bags.
  3. For me the GH just gives another option if one were looking for a different look. Is it worth more money? If you like the different look, then maybe it is. Just like my favorite style right now is the day, it has nothing to do with the fact that it is one of the least expensive styles. If I liked almost any other I would have to pay more. Don't know if i am making sense. I guess it is all about what you like and what suits your needs, whether it is worth more money. Is the material costs of producing the bag with GH enough to justify the additional cost they are charging. Unlikely in my opinion. But it is all about "supply and demand" as you have surmised.
  4. Maybe it was a convenient way for them to get their prices more comparable with other designer brands without making their loyal customers mad by raising prices on the RH bags again. I've been looking at other designer brands lately, and the price points seem much higher (Gucci, Prada, Chanel, and YSL).

    I have only bought GH bags at a discount through Bluefly and eBay. The one bag I bought at retail, I immediately sold on eBay because I couldn't stand the idea of having spent that much on it. I guess $1600 is past my "comfort zone."

    I have no idea how the look will hold up over the years. I think RH will always be more timeless, because it's pretty inconspicuous.
  5. HI... YES, They are worth more money... the leather is thicker and the craftsman ship is sooooooo GORGEOUS !!! Once you hold/feel/look at one you will be able to tell instantly why they cost more. The handles are thicker/bigger and the strap is thicker as well. I have own many RH ones and the GH is my favorite hands down. I am wanting more and more GH ones but dont take me wrong , I do still love the RH as well. You don't know what you are missing...you gotta get at least one GH BAL.
  6. Yes, I feel they are worth more because of the leathers. I agree with nutz4purses, the leather certainly looks and feels thicker. They have a better finish on the leather too. When I first saw the price of a GH, I said to myself I hope the GH is real gold at that price!!! LOL!
  7. I've never liked GH and I still don't like it, and I don't think I ever will. I like looking at GH bags and a lot of tPFers rock the bags, not just ain't it for me:sweatdrop:

    The reason why I fell in love with Balenciaga back in 2002 is because of the vintage aesthetic, the lightness of it, and the leather. To me, GH defeats the entire reasons of why I fell for Bbags(except for the leather. GH bags leather is great) and I think they style will be outdated at some point whereas the style of RH won't be outdated because of the subtle, understated, vintage aesthetic of it.

    I too think gold will turn eventually. Gunmetal GH is the best one out of the 3, but I still wouldn't get that for myself. I've gotten used to the feather-lightness of Balbags in the past 5 years and I'm not willing to give that up!:p

    I don't think it's more costly to produce GH bags, but rather it's their way of getting more money, I think.

    But keep in mind that I'm a person who loves anything vintage who hates anything shiny.
  8. apparently it's because they had to reconfigure the machines/make new molds to make the larger hardwares. so in essence the gh is a "special order." but then i pointed it out to the sa that gh is now going to be staple in the collection, why is the price still so high?? :confused1: and then the sa look at me in a speechless/confused manner. sighh
  9. The leather is really the same, everything on the gh bag seams bigger and thicker to the eye tho, if you ask me Balenciaga was smart, they could be charging sooo much more for the mortorcycles, I can't believe the WE is only $1500! Fendi charges about 2 grand for a simple leather spy, so be glad gh is here and that its more expensive, and no mark up on the rh!
  10. ^i for one am thankful that balenciaga isn't charging more -- i think the bags are expensive enough! as for why the gh is pricier, i imagine it's a combination of marketing (the gold seems flashier and to some, more luxe) and manufacturing (i'll bet it does cost more to make those gold thimbles). i don't own any gh bags so i can't say with authority, but i would imagine the leather would have to be thicker to withstand the weight of the hardware.
  11. I personally think GH costs more mainly because it was a marketing decision: 'we need to somehow revitalize this classic style bag that is our no. 1 seller. Our bread and butter' needs tweaking'

    Its perceived added value to the customer (different leather, bigger/bolder hardware and zippers) plus its a classic way to gain more money from an existing product. That's classic marketing right there: just tweak what we already have...countless brands do it and now Balenciaga has joined them.

    They probably do cost more to manufacture. Its new hardware etc but overall the cost to produce is still low and the mark up (retail) is EXTREMELY HIGH.

    And its worked.

    Now the longevity is harder to predict. All I can do is go by history of fashion in general and say that anything that is more subdued in both colour and feature, tends to stand the test of time over something relatively louder/bolder e.g. LV graffitti bag anyone? GH is not like that but you get my drift...

    I own 2 GH bags and love them but my heart will always be loyal to RH bags because I too love the vintage/old leathers and feel. Its what drew me to Balenciaga in the first place and its what really makes me smile the most of all.

  12. I love the lightness of Bbags as well, and while I agree that the Gold GH bags are waaayyy heavy, I tried on a Silver GH Day and I could not tell the difference in weight between that and a regular Day.
  13. ITA with the marketing decision. I have to say Balenciaga got my attention and there was none before the came out with GH.
  14. ITA with the marketing decision. I have to say Balenciaga got my attention and there was none before they came out with GH.