why do you think sistina is not a popular bag to TPF'ers??

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  1. i'm soooo in search of the perfect damier ebene bag..and i think sistina is one close match to a perfect damier ebene bag, if not for some minor issues for me, like: the flap and straps may develop marks/folds after some time of continuous use; and there are no studs at the bottom part of the bag....so why do you think this bag is not a popular choice to most LV lovers and why do you think trevi is more popular than this? ....or let's reverse the question for those who are in looove with sistina: why do you like sistina a lot than other bags?
  2. It's not that I dislike the sistina, it's just that for the price, there are others I like better!
  3. For me Sistina GM is the most beautiful and the classiest bag in Damier line. I liked her from the start on the pics but when I saw her in the store it just wasn't the love at first sight like with my Hampstead.
    But maybe some day...
  4. the look just doesn't appeal to me.
  5. It's just a matter of personal taste. I love my PDV and some people hate it. You have to buy what you like. That's all that matters when it comes to spending your hard earned $$$..

    Happy shopping!
  6. It's not because I don't like it. It's because it didn't look good on me when I'd tried it on. Sometimes, a bag only looks good in pictures. You have to really go try it on to see if it looks good on you or even fits what you need.
  7. I tried it on once out of curiosity and I just found the buckle at the front so heavy and I think it would also be prone to scratches just like the Galliera's/Hampstead's inventeur plate. Also, for the price, there are other bags that I would rather buy more than the Sistina.
  8. I went down to get it, and the only size that is big enough for me is the GM. Which has the brass buckle/ clasp on the front, it's not functional enough for me, so I let it pass. I need to be able to get in and out of my purse without screwing around to open it.

    I personally LOVE the bag and think it's TDF!!! Maybe LV will do something about the buckle so that it opens and closes more smoothly. It would be my next bag for sure then.
  9. I think there is something a bit odd with the pleating, combined with the plaque combined with damier that isn't quite my taste. But it's still pretty.
  10. I really like this bag, but I keep forgetting to try it on, because I will not pay over 1K for a bag yet. I'm also looking for the perfect damier bag, maybe it'll be the Hampstead, or if I try the Sistina at the store and like it, I'll hunt one down preloved.
  11. i think it's a pretty bag. maybe it's not that popular b/c of the price? as howardu09 put it, all that matters is if you like it and if the bag works for you. good luck finding the perfect damier ebene bag. :smile:
  12. I think it because most people reveal speedies nfs and almas on here everything seems like it is not popular. I like the bag but the straps didnt sit right on me.
  13. It's heavy, stiff, and bulky for me.
  14. It's a really nice bag, but I'm partial to certain styles over others. I've noticed that the Artsy isn't very common among the general public, either. I've only seen a handful, aside from mine.
  15. Well, I think it's a nice bag it's just that I don't like the thought of a well-used scratched buckle on the Sistina. As for the shape, it's pretty close to Rivington, might as well get that with some savings.