Why do you think Celebrities don't rock Damier ?

  1. I noticed in the Celebs & their LV thread not alot of damier...

    why do you think that they don't rock the damier?

    May be a stupid question but I wouldn't have a clue....

    I guess it's not that popular? But i noticed many people here love the damier =)
  2. I guess it's more masculine as feminine.I didn't like damier at first cos thought was too masculine but now would love to add to my collection.Good question not stupid at all would love to hear what the rest have to say as well.
  3. Maybe too low-key and subtle to get them noticed?
  4. The monogram seems to be their pattern of choice,it draws more attention and we know they love as much attention as they can get,guess it helps boost their delicate egos ;) .

    Monogram will always out sell Damier simply because it attracts more attention and anyone who purchases the mono pattern wants to get noticed dispite what they may tell others.

  5. Thats what I think too... I feel most celebs that aren't entirely into LV just stick to mono.
  6. Yeah...i wonder why...Not logo enough for them maybe?Maybe its not an IT bag

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao: So true.
  8. I think it's more that celebrities are not necessarily LV fans or experts and therefore think "Monogram" when they think LV. It's the same with all newbies to the brand.
  9. oooh thanks LVbabydoll for the link =)
  10. I would like to know the answer to this question as well. It's really interesting to read everyone's answers. I think the reason that most people think monogram when they hear LV and the reason that it's just not an it-bag are a good explanation. It's just not as glamourous to wear a damier, I guess. Although i personally think damier looks very sophisticated!
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  11. Damier is classy, celebs are flashy?? LOL!
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  12. I see it on the tv show The hills :O)

  13. ^^^^^
    ...was thinking the SAME thing..... then again, I've seen photos of Hillary Duff and her Damier Azurs...
  14. I think that Damier is too low-key for most celebs; they seem to love things that catch attention.