Why do you take your jewelry off when you get home?

  1. And does this include your wedding ring? Just curious, as there are some things i never take off, such as wedding ring and diamond pendant, as it is fiddly to put on. hope you don't mind the question. :flowers:
  2. I take off my watch and earrings, never my rings. I adore my (Michele) watch and my earrings too, but it helps me transition into downtime/relaxing time. If I'm wearing a necklace or bracelet I will probably keep them on however, LOL! hadn't really thought of that before.
  3. I take off all of my jewelry when I get home. Even though I love my jewelry, I'm more comfortable without it.
  4. I don't take my jewelry when I get home. Usually I'll take it off if I'm going to the gym, showering, or going to bed. Jewelry makes me happy so I like to keep it on!
  5. I take my rings and watch off, it's more comfortable that way. I leave my bracelet and necklace on.
  6. i keep my engagement ring on and one other ring...everything else that i may wear i take off ,don't really have a specific reason i take it off...
  7. I take off everything as I change into casual clothes. I go into total "bum"mode at home. (Plus I don't like wearing my jewelry when I am cooking.)
  8. i tqke off all my jewellery, including my rings (although i have a plain gold band i usually slip on when i take off my diamonds) i just dont like wearing jewellery when i cook, clean or hang around
  9. I dont wear any of my jewelry except my diamond studs.
    Im in the market for a new e-ring setting and just visited Borshiems and my gemologist told me I was a good girl for not wearing my jewelry 24/7.
    She said dont sleep with it, do dishes or clean with them on, go to the gym with it or get into a swimming pool with your jewelry on.
    My current setting is 20years old and looks brand new! I take really good care of rings. Im so proud.! :yahoo:
  10. I take it off for comfort, but my jewels can't take it personally because I also remove all my clothes and put on a nightie!
  11. Since I only usually wear a wedding band, a stack of bands or my wedding set I only have those to take off. If I have my wedding set on it comes off when Iget home because I don't like them on when I cook or clean. I also don't wear them while I am working doing my side business to keep any risk of damage to a job to a minimum :smile: Otherwise if its any non-diamond bands, I leave em on for everything other than my side-job.

    SamoXenina: wherein MO?
  12. I take off all of my jewelry when I get home. More comfie without them on.
  13. I leave everything on. I do everything in my jewelry.

    Right now I have to take off my rings in the shower because we're in the process of fixing our drain and it's uncovered right now. I don't want to run the risk of one of my rings falling off and not being able to catch it in time.

    Sometimes, every so often, my hands swell at night and I'll take off my rings, except my wedding ring. But that doesn't happen very often.

    I'm always careful with my jewelry and it shows, but I also don't "baby" my jewelry. I spent the money on it to wear it and I enjoy wearing it all the time. :yahoo:
  14. I take everything off and get into my PJs - for jewelry because my hands are in everything. And clothes mostly for comfort - I don't like to risk getting anything on them! If I'm wearing studs or huggies I usually leave those in for a few days.
  15. After wearing my jewelry all day, I take everything off when I get home - it's just more comfortable for me. I always place my jewelry in a felt-lined wooden box so that it's in the same spot all of the time. Earrings, watch, bracelet, wedding rings, and necklace - all of which I wear daily, but I take them all off when I go home.

    I also do not shower with my jewelry on, but I do wash my hands with my rings on - I would never take them off in a public bathroom as I would be afraid that I might walk away without my rings!