Why do you return a new Bal?

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  1. Hi all, I'm so in :heart: with my EB GSH city though it's a brand new return. To this day, I'm still wondering why someone would buy and return such a beautiful baby within a week of purchase.

    Just to satify my curiosity: Have you return a bag upon after receiving it? Why?
  2. I've done it a lot. I'm no where near a boutique so after I receive my item, it' s the first time seeing the color and touching the leather and experiencing the size in person.
  3. The leather, and color saturation. I just returned a turq pt that had very thin leather. My new one is here and the leather is thick and yummy, well worth the return.
  4. yup, actually i'm gonna have to do it this week. i been looking everywhere for an eb first. i finally found on in las vegas. i love the color but now realize that it's just too small. just trying to carrying it around the house i wonder how i'm gonna do it. i think i just get my good old standby...a day.
  5. as some others have mentioned -- leather not up to expectations, found a style you like more, etc. :smile:
  6. i would venture that for those who have the painless option of returning a bbag would return it if the bag is less than ideal. the former is not always available, the latter a given. the bag costs alot of money. if it's less than ideal, would you settle? i had to return my first bbag as it was faulty, not even the case of less than ideal. no extra costs were involved so i didn't mind the hassle of returning it. i'm in asia where bbags cost way above retail so i buy my bbags blind.
  7. If I own a bag for a couple of weeks, and I don't use it right away or within that 2 weeks, I can pretty much know its going to sit on a shelf. Bbags are too expensive for that, so if I don't use it in 2 weeks, back it goes. I certainly dont want to resort to selling on ebay much after hearing about many people getting scammed... I've only returned a couple of bags, but I am always relieved. If its love, I use it right away...no hesitation.
  8. I returned my FB b/c the leather was dried out.
  9. I've returned for the same reasons stated. I love the color but not the style or the leather. I may get the color and then think "what will I wear with this?"
    Maybe it was too close to a color she already had?
  10. I've returned A LOT! Most of the bags I order are from Saks and all are charge sends. I don't get to see/feel/inspect the bags and most SA's are just not up on how to describe the bags. I try my best to explain in detail what I want but most of the time that's not what I get. Also sometimes a color or style looks good on others but it just doesn't suit for one reason or another.
  11. Yes! When I order over the phone. Bbags vary so much from bag to bag. So, I've ended up with some that weren't my leather preference and have sent them back. Also, the colors are sometimes different than I anticipate. So, I have returned a bag or two for that reason as well. But if I buy a bag in person, it's usually a keeper. But that's rare that I have that chance.
  12. My EB is thick, smooshy and saturated. Perhaps it was returned because someone didn't like the size or it didn't sit well with her.:graucho:
  13. Sometimes I find that I was in love with the idea of a bag in a certain color/style combo, but when it arrives I know that it won't work for me in real life, no matter how beautiful.
  14. ITA!

    Most Asian cities have Bbags way over retail and / or limited styles and stocks. Being in HK, there are certain styles I do get around or slightly under retail, so if possible I'll buy those in person.

    I do depend a fair bit on RDC and Ebay where I get to see multiple pics of the bag I am buying and they all turn out close to the condition shown in photos.

    Perhaps I have been lucky (or not as picky with leather), the bags I bought blind (Jaune City, EB Work, Turqy First) have all been lovely, tho with entirely different leathers.

    My EB work is the only one I thought about returning even tho the leather was really smooth. The colour wasn't as saturated as some of the other EBs I have seen IRL. But with the hassle and knowing that it was one of the last few available (I have searched everywhere and this was before Bal LA opened), I decided to keep it.
  15. I am new to Bbags....I am a LV girl. I just returned my first Bal(Black GGH PT) bc it was too large. I really would like a Bbag and will try for the city.